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I am back and I am lost. Looking for the newer S&M Packs

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10 June 2018 - 04:11 PM



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Hello everyone :)


I took a long break from the game (Around when the first S&M set came out I think) and now I am really lost on the values of packs and cards.


I have a huge collection of old cards and booster packs and I am looking to trade some of them for new packs.


I have no idea about the values and it seems that trading companies are no longer a thing here. Can anyone give me an idea about the value of booster packs right now? I am also happy for trade offers by users I know and trust from back then like LordKieta, awesome_guy or RobRatt (I saw they are still active here which is nice :) )


Played some legacy games today and I think I am falling in love with this game again lol


Edit: Stumbled upon Ou7c4ast's card value guide which helps a lot :D

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19 June 2018 - 02:47 AM



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  • Princess_Aurora
Welcome back! Ou7c4st’s values are USUALLY pretty accurate, but sometimes it will let you down. In other words, do cross-reference and see if the card is in demand or not. In terms of gameplay, I’ll suggest that you start by getting two Mach Strike theme decks and modifying them to make a viable deck in standard or expanded.

In terms of trading, Guardians Rising is currently the globally accepted currency, as well as Tapu Lele GX (although that it’s price is getting droopy). Forbidden Light is also largely traded for, but it’s less valuable and less popular than the latter pack.

In terms of meta, to put it simple, it’s mosquito season: you’re going to see a lot of Buzzwhole GX decks buzzing around. If you use a Psychic deck, then good for you!

Oh, and if you had a big bunch of RoS/Shaymin EX cards that you were using as currency, I’m afraid that their value got... Donked, for lack of a better word. Their price is a tiny fraction of what they used to be.

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