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Value Question

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10 June 2018 - 02:40 AM



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  • epiclemon44

Not Trading,

Title kept getting censored but the item is Bisharp/Wigglytuff trainer kit.


Currently have a couple codes for these but have yet to find a value for them. Any information would be appreciated.

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10 June 2018 - 03:52 AM



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  • RobRatt

Claw Barrage (Bisharp/Wigglytuff) and Night Hunter (Excadrill/Zoroark) are probably the two most difficult Trainer Kits to find.  Truthfully, anyone who says, "This is THE price," is just guessing.  They are traded too rarely, and only to collectors usually, so it's difficult to be precise.  There just isn't enough data.


I can tell you this much from my own experience.  I've collected this set twice, for my son & I.  And it took me more than three months to find 2 of them.


But, as it happens, I got a couple more of them afterward.  After I traded for ours, I found my long-lost code card (in my garage) for another one.  I traded that to a friend/collector.  I forget exactly how much he offered, but I remember lowering it, and trading to him for about 15 packs (it was over a year ago).


I can't tell you exactly what it's worth.  That much is obvious, eh?


Yet, a collector will pay more than a few packs.  That much I'm certain of.

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10 June 2018 - 04:46 AM




  • Mod_Alder

Thanks for the info Rob.

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10 June 2018 - 05:43 AM



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  • epiclemon44

Guess ill keep them, not really worth trading.

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10 June 2018 - 06:57 PM




  • Pikalover5769

I was offered 2,000 plus packs on my Claw Barrage Theme Deck.


I did not trade it as I am a collector and I don't think it will be possible to reattain a sealed version of this again. I'd rather keep it in my collection lol


I also don't know how to trade more than 100 packs at a time for an item so I was kinda scared by that prospect

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