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[GENERAL] Other - Mouse wheel suddenly not working

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06 June 2018 - 04:36 PM



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  • Blortad

I went to edit a deck of mine and found that my mouse wheel will randomly no longer scroll through anything at all. I have yet to test it with a searching card in a match, but I suddenly cannot scroll through my collection or my list of decks. I tried restarting the game and got nowhere. Being unable to scroll with my mouse wheel makes looking through my collection as well as building and maintaining decks extremely tedious and infuriating. If this was intended and the devs, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to arbitrarily disable mouse wheel scrolling as part of the latest patch, I will more then likely be quitting until such a time when I can scroll normally again. Being forced to wear down my mouse button by clicking ten thousand times when I should just be able to scroll normally makes me very angry. As anyone who plays this game is well aware, starting a match while very angry will do nothing but make you angrier every time a coin flip screws you out of the match or the opponent uses an N at just the right moment. The bottom line here is that if I start every game angry at my inability to edit my decks without going through 6 mice every day from the millions of unnecessary clicks, I am going to be nothing but angry whenever I play this game, which will make it no fun at all, which will inevitably make me quit, probably forever at that point. I seriously hope this is something that can be resolved with a reinstall or something, as I saw nothing about this in the patch notes, but if this is a 'feature', I will be quitting, and I can just about guarantee that my entire playgroup will also quit shortly thereafter, as me playing was their primary reason for playing in the first place.


I am 100% sure it is NOT my mouse or my computer as mouse wheel scrolling works just fine in every other application.


UPDATE: Scrolling no longer even works in matches. This is absurd, not only am I breaking my mouse every time I try to build a deck, but now it will take EVEN LONGER THEN IT ALREADY DOES whenever I search my deck during a match, which is CONSTANTLY FOR EVERY DECK EVER. It was already bad waiting for my opponent to take ages to use something like a battle compressor, now that my opponent can no longer scroll through their cards with the mouse wheel, which is how every program ever made since the dawn of time works, it will take even longer. I am going to try to reinstall the game and see if that helps. If this is intended and not a bug of some sort, then this game will have officially crossed the threshold into being a complete waste of time and mouse clicks. If this is the case, with how much time and money I have now wasted on this garbage, I will be extremely reluctant to purchase ANY Nintendo products in the future, as I will now feel that their primary goal is to rip me off. If they are willing to arbitrarily drop support for something as standard and massively widespread as a MOUSE WHEEL, what else are they going to do? What if they suddenly do an update on the 3DS that arbitrarily drops support for the kind of wifi I use at home, or suddenly drop support for DS games, forcing me to buy another system? How do I know I am not going to arbitrarily lose important features that make or break any given product at any given time? I will post again after the reinstall, hopefully someone can help me confirm whether or not this is a bug before that finishes.


UPDATE2: Well, queue a huge sign of relief, because reinstalling fixed the issue, thank god! I was so worried that all my time and money was wasted. To anyone reading this who also suddenly cant scroll, reinstalling worked.

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06 June 2018 - 05:41 PM




  • Mod_Jynthu

Hello Blortad,


I am sorry to hear that you temporarily experienced an issue that caused your mouse wheel scrolling to stop working. I tested in-game myself prior to seeing that you had resolved the issue, and it is still working correctly. I am glad to hear that re-installing the game fixed the issue.

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