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Quasi-Noob Questions

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04 June 2018 - 12:20 AM



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Hey guys! I am somewhat new to PTCG but have a background in collecting MTGO, etc.

I used to make extensive use of the trade bots on there, as an easy way to get what I need while only taking a minimal hit on value (2-5% versus 25-30% for paper cards)

Is there an equivalent avenue on here, or will I only get decent value trading with random players? I saw that there are a few mega traders on here, but I wasn’t sure about the margins / card availability.

Also, is it better to just trade packs for cards, or should I open them and try to trade anything valuable that I open? I have a little bit of a collection going for locked cards, but only a few tradeable items besides the packs. I have a very specific list of cheap stuff I am looking for, but few options for items of value to offer.

Also, does anyone sell bulk cards or sets for cheap, or can I only really collect by opening packs? In my MTG days I used to buy 4x common / uncommon sets for cheap. It made it a lot easier to build decent decks, playtest, and have an actual collection.

Once I get comfortable with how / where to buy and trade intelligently, I might put some actual money into the game. I just have to have a way to make collecting moves that don’t feel pointless and stupid like when I played Hearthstone.


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05 June 2018 - 11:32 PM



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Open the trade locked packs and trade the tradable packs for specific cards you are looking for.

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