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It is quite difficult to get a win against mach strike.

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30 May 2018 - 08:36 AM



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  • ArkyBoY

As soon as a mach strike users get established (normally within the first few rounds) it is extremely hard to beat. I always start edging towards the concede button when that happens, unless I am lucky enough to start with some pokemon that are able to counter the build.


The most OP card in that deck is obviously Lucario, with the abily to search through their deck for ANY card they want. I mean, what was the creators smoking when they came up wtih that ability?


Anyway, I always celebrate a win against a mach strike user. Mimikyu is such an amazing card to have.

    88. KezzAngels's Garchomp used Royal Blades and did 100 damage to ArkyBoY's Bewear.
    89. It is now ArkyBoY's turn (Turn #9).
    90. ArkyBoY drew Cosmog.
    91. ArkyBoY attached a Psychic Energy to Mimikyu.
    92. ArkyBoY put Cosmog onto the Bench.
    93. ArkyBoY played Hau.
    94. ArkyBoY drew Gothita.
    95. ArkyBoY drew Psychic Energy.
    96. ArkyBoY drew Professor Kukui.
    97. ArkyBoY's Bewear retreated.
    98. ArkyBoY played Switch.
    99. Mimikyu became ArkyBoY's new Active Pokémon.
    100. ArkyBoY's Mimikyu used Royal Blades and did 100 damage to KezzAngels's Garchomp.
    101. ArkyBoY took a Prize card.

"KezzAngels conceded"


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26 February 2019 - 12:56 PM



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  • JuliaT225163

I agree

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28 February 2019 - 05:53 PM



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  • Sniperi96

First thing to note is that lucario demands you to have garchomp in play to be able to use it's ability. Secondly,it's stage 1 pokemon itself. This means that we are already talking about 5 cards to be able to use the ability. That is both  5 cards to get to your hand and presuming you play for example 3-2-2 line of Garchomp and 2-2  - line of lucario we have dedicated 11 cards from deck to do that particular thing.


Chomp hits 200 for 3 energy if you used cynthia that turn?Well cool. Ultra necrozma hits 180 with 3 energies and you still have chance to play guzma with it. Heck, team up charizard hits 180 for 3 energies, has ability to get those 3 energies up (assuming that you can attach one from hand) in one turn and you can still play guzma. Zapdos starts already killing riolus starting from turn 2 and  can kill lucario itself  with 1 electropower. Lost march absolutely spits on attempts to get lucario and garchomp on board and actually have any effect.


And finally, if it so happens that we get it rolling and can now search for card per turn, what does it give?Supporters?Lele does it better by being basic and needing no set up what so ever. Items?Slam jirachi on board and start picking them up starting from turn one. Pokemons? Ultra balls, nest balls, mysterious treasures, net balls, you name it. Besides, excactly which pokemons are you searching seeing that you dedicated your strategy to get lucario and garchomp on board? More lucarios and garchomps?Right.

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