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[CARD] Amoonguss - Pokemon move Bugged - Please reply

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07 May 2018 - 12:36 PM



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  • Triggasaur

Pokemon: Amoonguss (Team Plasma Version)


Bugged Move: Astonish - Flip a coin , choose 3 random cards from your opponents hand,. Your opponent revelas these cards and then shuffles them into his/her deck.


Problem: The move as described above does not work. When you flip heads a random card (ONE) is chosen (BY AI) and then shuffled into opponents deck. So not only does 3 cards not get shuffled, you don't even choose the card. Please fix this as I'm a long time player and this card is a major feature in many of my fun to play decks and they have all been ruined. Thank you and please post a reply when possible

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07 May 2018 - 02:21 PM



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  • Chasista

If you're asking for you to choose the cards, is not the way it works in PTCGO. The word RANDOM in the PTCGO means the game will choose for you, as it's random, who cares.


Is not like IRL, opponent could have the hand cards ordered left to right as Pokémon > Trainers > Energies, and you choose the hand on one side or another trying to remove the most important things. As revealed, you could figure the order of opponent's had for next moves, although the smart move from opponent would be to shuffle the hand before you choose to make it more random.


Also in PTCGO, in your hand you see the cards ordered (and you can vary this order in Settings) but what you see in opponent's reverse cards is not the same. For you the order is also random. If there are 3 cards, Pokémon-Trainer-Energy ordered for opponent, choosing the middle one doesn't ensure being the trainer. That's tested.


So at the end claiming Heads and only 1 card discarded, it's a bug.


But at the time to make you choose the cards, doesn't care if you pick it or game just choose, as everything would be made random anyway and this is probably, working as intended.

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07 May 2018 - 06:36 PM



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RE Last Reply: Thank you for taking time to comment. Appreciated Though it is the one card card scenario. Prior to this (what it is like now) I could choose 3 cards (couldn't see them in a literal sense) though I still clicked the cards. Anyways that matters not as the problem remains, being that only 1 card is shuffled back into deck when it should be three.


{ Please stick this on the list to fix PCTG. Thanks }

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08 May 2018 - 09:45 AM




  • Mod_Rowan

Hello Triggasaur,


This was reported, thank you for your post!

Moderator Rowan
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14 May 2018 - 06:48 PM




  • Mod_Jynthu

Hello Triggasaur,


This has now been added to the Known Issues thread. 



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