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Buzzwole Beast Box

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05 May 2018 - 05:17 PM



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  • Toklopo

I usually don't post decks but I really love the new Ultra Beast support from Forbidden Light so I decided to make a post about a deck that I built today and which I am currently playing on the ladder.

I think Naganadel is a pretty good partner for Buzzwole - sure, you lose Garbodor's ability lock, which is undoubtedly very useful, however, due to Ultra Space, the deck gains a considerable consistency boost, as you can search out any Pokemon other than Lele for free when you have Ultra Space on the board.

I think it doesn't lose that much offensive power compared to BuzzRoc, because Buzzwole's GX attack is preferred most of the time over Dangerous Rogue anway, and Lycanroc is usually used because of Bloodthirsty Eyes, which can be blocked. (Altough it *is* a strong ability.) Regirock has become sort of obsolote for Buzzwole, however, the lack of Diance Prism does hurt its early-game damage output and potential to OHKO small basics on turn 1, but Naganadel can make up for that by being able to hit quite hard for a single colorless energy.

As for the list:

Pokémon - 12

 1 Buzzwole
 3 Buzzwole-GX
 1 Kartana-GX
 1 Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX
 2 Poipole
 2 Naganadel-GX
 2 Tapu Lele-GX

Trainer Cards - 35

3 Professor Sycamore
4 Ultra Ball
3 N
1 Super Rod
4 Cynthia
1 Field Blower
3 Guzma
3 Max Elixir
4 Choice Band
3 Float Stone
3 Ultra Space
3 Beast Ring

Energy - 13

1 Beast Energy
3 Strong Energy
9 Fighting Energy

Maximum count of Cynthia because it helps to keep Beast Rings, Elixirs and the Super Rod in the deck until you actually need them, plus you have to make sure that you have a draw supporter ready when you need it, (so basically every turn, except when you need to Guzma instead) so I think the 4 Cynthia-3 N-3 Sycamore is reasonable. Ideally, you should only bench 1 Lele/game in order to keep Naganadel's damage output high enough for it to be a constant threat.

Speaking of Naganadel, the reason I think it compliments Buzzwole so well is because it provides:

1) a threat to psychic decks that prey on Buzzwole (and which are otherwise pretty mediocre imo) like Espeon-GX - which, even with its weakness to psychic - can't even 1-shot Naganadel that easily, due to the fact that it is a single energy attachment attacker

2) an overall potent (and single energy attachment) secondary attacker - even though Beast Ring is completely busted with Buzzwole, now you also have the option of not having to commit 3 energies to your Buzzwole too early in order to get a KO on a threat and you can just apply pressure with Jet Punch+Beast Raid and save Buzzwole for late-game KOs

3) another option to get an upper hand against other Buzzwole decks

4) Naganadel is another good candidate for a Beast Energy user

As for the rest:

Dawn Wings allows you to reset Knuckle Impact without having to worry about finding a Guzma and Kartana can help you by slicing off an opposing Beast Energy - although, to be honest, I might swap this for another baby Buzzwole, just because Safeguard stalling is more of a thing online than IRL and without Garbotoxin it is a real headache to deal with it and it can also lead to auto-losses when you only have 1 non-EX/GX attacker.
3-3 Beast Ring/Max Elixir split because I find that to be the most consistent. Choice Band instead of FFB because of Naganadel and also because the deck is supposed to be just as aggressive as BuzzRoc.
Super Rod is pretty standard for Buzzwole - get your basic energies back into the deck to get them out again with Beast Ring/Elixir.
1 Field Blower - the deck is low on abilities, (which is another advantage) but having access to Invasion can often be crucial, so you still need an answer to Garbotoxin, and since I couldn't really justify running Parallel City in the deck, Field Blower also helps to get rid of that if you fail to find Ultra Space.

The downside of the deck is obviously the fact that it doesn't have many answers to Safeguard abilities, and Naganadel's psychic typing can also turn out to be a curse just as much as it can turn out to be a blessing - having two main attackers with the same weakness is quite risky, so BuzzRoc is still probably the safer bet. That deck also has access to Diancie Prism which is of course a new Buzzwole standard, but due to the way Naganadel's attack works, and to the fact that you can't search it with your Stadium I can't really justify putting it in this deck. I still think that Buzzwole/Naganadel is a good alternative for players who want to try out a slightly different Buzzwole variant that still has competitive potential other than the two which have already been established.

Anyway, this has turned out to be quite long, so thanks for making it this far if you did and feel free to share any ideas that you have about the deck.

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05 May 2018 - 10:03 PM




  • Mod_Alder

The deck looks pretty cool, I may have to try it out at some point. 

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