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Threw cards together and made a random deck

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24 April 2018 - 10:28 PM



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  • bulbarex212

USing the Deck Wizard and the very little cards I have, I managed to create a deck that I affectionately call Mountain Frost. Using Aerodactyl EX and Sandslash as the base Pokemon, I managed to create a seemingly feasible deck.n Take a look at the contents and lemme know what you think. I must reiterate, I don't really have the time or funds to get a massive competitive deck so I threw what I had in my collection from the rare occasions I actually bought a theme deck or collector's set.

##Pokémon - 20
* 1 Aerodactyl-EX PR-XY XY97
* 2 Machop GRI 63
* 2 Machop FFI 44
* 1 M Aerodactyl-EX PR-XY XY98
* 2 Machoke FFI 45
* 2 Machoke GRI 64
* 2 Machamp GRI 65
* 1 Machamp FFI 46
* 2 Alolan Sandshrew GRI 19
* 1 Goldeen BKT 27
* 1 Tympole BKP 33
* 2 Alolan Sandslash GRI 20
* 1 Seaking BKT 28
##Trainer Cards - 20
* 2 Scorched Earth FCO 110
* 2 Wishful Baton BUS 128
* 1 Exp. Share PRC 128
* 2 Hala GRI 126
* 1 Judge BKT 143
* 1 Guzma BUS 115
* 2 Hau SUM 120
* 2 Switch BLW 104
* 1 Pal Pad FLF 92
* 2 Random Receiver DEX 99
* 3 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 1 Great Ball BCR 129
##Energy - 20
* 10 Fighting Energy Energy 6
* 10 Water Energy Energy 3
Total Cards - 60

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25 April 2018 - 03:48 PM




  • Mod_Jynthu

Hello bulbarex212,


Thank you for sharing your deck with us!

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25 April 2018 - 05:13 PM



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  • Princess_Aurora

Hi, and welcome to the forums! I'll try to give out as much advice as I can.


1) Try to get around 16 Pokemons, 30 Trainers and 14 Energies. While that the standard 20-20-20 set-up that the game gives you is rather charming on terms of balance, it'll inevitably give you a lot more of "dead hands" than the more widely used 16-30-14 set-up. 


2) I will recommend having more Supporters that refreshes your hand, such as N or Cynthia, than cards that solely makes you draw more cards like Hau. You'll at least need 4-6 supporters that will give you a new hand. You can get Cynthias in the Mach Strike theme deck in the shop.


3) You'll probably want to pack a few Ultra Balls and some rare candies, these are useful for consistent performance. Adding some Skylas might help. You'll also need Korrina, Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium, these are excellent cards for fighting-type decks.


4) Cards that I think you should remove:

-Hala, why would you use him while that you don't even have something to make a GX attack?

-Judge, N is a much better supporter for when you're trailing behind in the game.

-A couple of energies, as I mentioned before, you have too many energies.

-Scorched Earth. While that it's an interesting Stadium card, you don't have any tactic to cycle them off the discard pile.


That's all that I can think of, some more experienced players might be able to give you more tips.

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25 April 2018 - 11:08 PM



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  • Chasista

Well, starting there are not a bunch of cards to choose from. But indeed you start with a huge amount of cards given by the Basic (red, blue and yellow) Theme decks + Mental might.


It's easier to start in Expanded as you already own more of that cards, at least, until they update the starting decks that are yet from XY era.


As Aurora told, the ratio Pokémon-Trainers-Energies should be improved. Trainers make your deck work. They get you the card you need in the moment you want. That's why competitive decks play half deck (and more) of trainers, to keep moving!


You need also thicker pokémon lines. Getting the one you want or need, through 10 different pokémon and 1 copy of any is harder than from 6 different pokémon with 3-4 copies of them.


I like the 4-4-3 Machamp, although the final goal would be to get the most useful one and have 4. For example, in between GRI 62 and GRI 63, the first have 10 more HP which is useful. But the attack is worst, could make more damage but it's lucky based (flip a coin) and needs all fighting energies. On the other side, you could use a different energy with the 63 as it only requires a fighting and the colourless could be any other. It hits lower but you know it will always be 50. So which is the best? As you actually don't plan to attack with Machop, the FFI 44 is the best as it have the 70 HP and can attack for just one energy, just in case. All of them have 2 retreat cost, another important matter that doesn't affect in this case.


So if you would play competitive, you'd get 4 FFI Machop for the deck.


Same with all other pokémon. Just 1 Aerodactyl will make it hard to get. 3 would be great. At least 2 tho. And of course if you plan to play the Mega, you NEED the Spirit link. You can't afford to loose a turn just evolving.


The list doesn't look bad though. I would remove the water type. You could yet maintain the Sandslash line but... why is even there the Tympole?


As told, cutting a couple Machoke to add Rare candies, would be great. And keep 2 for the covering bench ability. 4-2-4 Machamp looks great, with 2 or 3 Rare candy and 2 or 3 Evosoda that will help with any evolution.


As for trainers, there's what us to be told Staple. Staple are the most used ones, also the best of any format. For a deck to be good, NEEDS to have it.


Expanded is kind of:



4 VS Seeker


2-3 Juniper or Sycamore

2-3 N

3-4 Cynthia

1+1 Guzma AND Lysandre (but you can go with 2 of the one you like more)

1 Karen (for Night march)

2-3 Stadiums


Starting the game you already have



4 Sycamore

4 UB (or more)

1 Vs seeker

1 or 2 Lysandre


And you can get 2 Cynthia in Mach strike. Actually, getting any 500 coins Theme deck in shop will help you to make your collection big, and the chances to build better decks as you'll have more cards, are higher. Still you will have to trade for some trainers or pokémon or special energies but it comes with the name of the game: Trading card game.


Remove the 10 water energies and add 2 to 4 more fighting. I would start trying 12. Add Professor letter if you find problems to get energies.


Having enough supporters, you actually shouldn't need the random receiver, nor the Pal pad.


I like your stadium but then add a couple Super rod. Will help you get back some resources. And 1 R. stretcher should be enough then. Field blower it's a staple for items, at least 1. Remove all that lucky based items (flip a coin, look at the first 7 cards... ). Add UB, Level, Heavy... those get you what you want.


If you want to win, which is the funny, (don't get me wrong, but loose always is not fun), you'll need to get some good cards. There's no other way.


Goal should be a second Aerodactyl EX line if it's your main attacker, and even a 3-2 or 3-3, although there are better fighting hitters like Zygarde EX, Lucario EX, Buzzwole GX, Lucario GX, Lycanroc GX... that start hitting at 1 energy of have interesting abilities. Next remove all water. finally get the best copies of every partner pokémon (Machamp lines) mainly to help Aerodactyl to hit harder, and as back up attacker. And exchange random trainers with staple ones, little by little.


To start I would try something like:


##Pokémon - 12
* 1 Aerodactyl-EX PR-XY XY97
* 1 M Aerodactyl-EX PR-XY XY98
* 1 Machop GRI 63
* 2 Machop FFI 44
* 2 Machoke GRI 64
* 2 Machamp GRI 65
* 1 Machamp FFI 46
* 2 Alolan Sandshrew GRI 19
* 2 Alolan Sandslash GRI 20
##Trainer Cards - 35
* 2 N
* 2 Sycamore
* 1 Vs seeker
* 4 Ultraball
* 1 Guzma
* 1 Lysandre
* 2 Cynthia
* 2 Switch BLW 104
* 1 Pal Pad FLF 92
* 3 Rare candy
* 2 Super rod BKT 149
* 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
* 2 Field blower GRI 125
* 3 Evosoda
* 2 Level ball
* 1 Heavy ball
* 2 Aerodactyl Spirit link PR-XY 99
* 2 Scorched Earth FCO 110
##Energy - 13
* 9 Fighting Energy
* 4 Strong energy FFI 104
Total Cards - 60
Sadly, as much as you improve this deck, Aerodactly EX never will make it a Tier one deck. It's not strong+fast+easy to set up, enough.

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