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[GENERAL] Other - Pokémon TV Language HELP

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16 April 2018 - 10:35 AM



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  • RealStarWarsGuy

normally i watch pokemon on netflix then i googled if there was more pokemon movies or series then i found this website and i went to "Watch Pokemon TV" then i realised it was on English and i'm from denmark so i normally watch pokemon on danish and i can't find any ways on this website to switch Langague on the series/movies 

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16 April 2018 - 01:01 PM




  • Mod_Jynthu

Hello RealStarWarsGuy,


To change the language you see on the website, you have to select your country. To do this, visit www.pokemon.com and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see "Select a Country". Clicking on this will bring up a list of countries. Select the country you want and the language displayed on the website will change to the primary language for that country. After this, simply navigate back to Pokémon TV and watch the episodes in your language, if available. 


The direct link for Pokémon TV in Danish is https://www.pokemon....pokemon-afsnit/.


Please note that the episodes are rotated and not all episodes are available at the same time. 

Moderator Jynthu
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