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Rainbow Rare Kommo GX and Full Art Kingdra EX

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13 April 2018 - 05:18 AM



    Novice Trainer

  • GilbertWimple

I was playing a game in Expanded against someone playing a Kommo-o GX deck. Honestly, it was an amazing deck, and I'm thoroughly impressed. I was playing Night March and I thought it was going to be an easy game (It was Kommo-o, for Arceus' sake) but nope. I was royally defeated. 

That's not why I'm making this post though. 

For some reason, whenever my opponent evolved into their Rainbow Rare Kommo-o GX, it showed up as Full Art Kingdra EX. It stayed like that for as long as I didn't right click it to see it fully on my screen. Once I did that, it showed up like Kommo-o like it should and stayed that way. 

He used an Acerola throughout the game and re-evolved back into the same RR Kommo-o and it did the Kingdra thing again. 

I didn't take the game log from this one. There didn't appear to be anything special in the game log. It said it evolved into Kommo-o GX every time, and didn't mention anything about FA Kingdra EX. I think this was just a graphics flaw. 

Still wanted to update it though. 

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13 April 2018 - 09:53 AM




  • Mod_Rowan
Hi GilbertWimple,
I suggest that you send a ticket to the support team so they can investigate this matter further. To submit a ticket, just click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question".
However, if you happen to face the same issue again - let us know.
Thank you for your patience, and I do hope the support team will help you soon!

Moderator Rowan
Pokémon TCG Online Moderator

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