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[ACCOUNT] Login - Both password change and tickets don't work!


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12 April 2018 - 04:03 PM



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Dear mod/admin,

Couple of months ago, in January already, I created a post to ask help for my brother's account. He forgot his password, but is unable to change it. That's why I'll do the talking for him in this message.

Of course forgetting your password normally is no big deal. But in January already we noticed that the regular recovery option does not work. When I asked for help back then, you suggested sending a ticket to the Pokémon Service Center for password recovery so they can take care of business. After having sent at least ten to twenty tickets now, we both feel there is no other way to ever get access back to the account again than posting here and asking some 'real' backup...

First I'll mention what the exact problem is. My brother created his account quite some time ago, in the 'old' password system where capital letters and symbols and such were not yet required. Possibly some bug occured, because the TCGO change password option didn't recognize him. You need to fill in your e-mail and one additional piece of information. We are both 99.9% sure both the e-mail and screen name were filled in properly and are matching. This was the beginning of the problem, enough reason to post the first thread to ask for backup. The Service Center sent a simple and brief answer ever since that point in time: fill in your e-mail and screen name properly... Well, that clearly doesn't help a lot :P
But recently the glitches became worse... My brother created a new account by accident on the very same e-mail. We didn't even know that was possible... The initial account he wants to recover is now even buried deeper in the system, he is only able to change the password of the 'accidental account'...

The Service Center doesn't listen to this story at all, we both really hope you will. So PLEASE! Help! My brother can provide any information needed in order to recover or change the password. The regular way does NOT work out, we are not going to send any more tickets as the answer always is literally a copy paste message that is not helpful at all.

I checked out my friends list, and it turns out his account still exists, including all the cards and items he traded for during months. He really invested a lot of time in it and can't wait to put on his charizard outfit again. I'll provide you all basic information of his account below:

[Removed due to personal information -- Mod_Jube]


If you need any more information or anything, you can request it of course. He'd do a lot really to get his account back. I hope you are able to help him in any way.

Yours sincerely,

Trainer GRUNTUS.

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12 April 2018 - 07:46 PM




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Hello Gruntus!


Please ask your brother to submit a support ticket. We can only assist the account owner. Tell him to include his username in the support ticket - techhelp@pokemon.com


We would be happy to assist him personally! :)


We are going to close this thread now, please keep personal account issues out of the forum in future. 




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