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Please remove Mach Strike Theme Deck

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08 May 2018 - 10:43 PM



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  • Jenna573

The issue here isn't so much that Mach Strike is too good, it's that nearly every other deck is arguably terrible. I've always seen the decks as marketed more toward children/beginners. With decks like Mach Strike, that changed. You could buy two and instantly have a low-tier competitive deck that could be built up even more by adding other singles into it. This isn't true of most of the theme decks, save for Greninja back in XY BreakPoint.


You can't ban one theme deck that people pay real money for in real life from a game just because it is better. It would be a poor business decision as it would alienate players who want to play with a deck that is both actually good and features very popular pokemon/characters from the games/anime.


The real solution is to make each new deck moving forward just as good as Mach Strike. Other TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh feature structure decks that you can buy 2 or 3 of and you can instantly start competing in local/regional tournaments to some degree. This is nowhere near true for most pokemon theme decks, and it's a real shame. I thought Mach Strike was a new era for theme decks but the most recent ones are back to being kind of lame again. Come on, TPCi, let's usher in a new era of theme decks and foster more exciting competition!

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09 May 2018 - 04:03 AM



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  • qbndx
I agree that facing MS over and over can become monotonous, but that feeling quickly turns to elation every time I beat it.

I recently won my first tournament with IC vs. MS in every round.

I handily defeat modified MS decks in standard and expanded, to the point where I'm excited whenever I face one.

I created this account to focus more on theme play, and I've been using Hidden Moon to try and shake up the variety of decks I face. I just beat a MS with HM vs. a turn-3 Garchomp. They had a full bench: Lucario, the otter with a comb-over*, everything.

I h8 Mach Strike with a passion (even though Garchomp is a fav of mine since jumping back into Pokemon games), but figuring out how to beat it is half the fun for me. The other half is actually beating it :D

*other than Gen-1, I'm terrible with names, sorry :D
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09 May 2018 - 06:48 PM



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  • graywh

It's time for the devs to make new starter decks that are on par with Mach Strike and Imperial Command.

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09 May 2018 - 11:31 PM



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  • SuperStone

It's time for the devs to make new starter decks that are on par with Mach Strike and Imperial Command.

Perhaps they could pirate some ideas from Kieta's weird deck request thread.   http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/54328-deck-building-contest-winners-are-supertimland-imobvmafia-and-deadfun/

The rest of the world must act as they see fit.  If TPCi insists on keeping the Chat canned, that is their decision.


But that does not stop me from opposing it.

And I will oppose it forever.

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10 May 2018 - 12:03 AM



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  • Princess_Aurora
Heck, I can even say that a standard-issued Mach Strike deck can hold against a Expanded deck. The Garchomp is capable of dishing out 200 damage in a single blow. That’s enough to take out most EX/GX units, never mind the regular cards.

Friendship is magic!

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10 May 2018 - 10:22 AM




  • Mod_GuruLot

It's time for the devs to make new starter decks that are on par with Mach Strike and Imperial Command.

Hello there graywh, 
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
The developers appreciate opinions of the players.
Although they can't guarantee implementations of your ideas and suggestions, they review and discuss it regularly.

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10 May 2018 - 04:38 PM



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  • Oldschool1990

I already made that suggestion a while ago and thus agree.

But afaik they are pretty scared to mess up the entire format with an OP Deck like in Crushing Currents meta, it was horrible and unplayable, until the gen7 powercreep decks came along. Thus their hesitation, they want to avoid breaking the meta again.


That said, with the arrival of the new theme decks, this thread is no longer of much relevance.

Power creep trumps again. Things will eventually balance out as we get more and more new theme decks.

As always, you can expect a more detailed analysis from me when some time has passed and people have adapted to the new decks. The meta already feels way healthier with the new decks, I've also seen some increase in usage from clanging thunder and destruction fang recently which is a good sign.

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Today, 12:58 PM



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  • Reoland

I am FULLY behind removing mach strike deck. It's 61% more reliable based on just plain simple math. The decisions you make with mach strike each turn have 3 options rather than a plethora of possible outcomes like the rest of the theme decks. Each other theme deck has a THEME and isn't just a fully prepped rush deck. Rush is a deck style NOT A THEME.

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