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what is the chance/RNG code?

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13 March 2018 - 06:04 AM



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  • Dungeonlord87

so after nearly getting the first 2 trainer challenge leagues done i am beyond fed up with the RNG code. if anyone knows the actual odds or the code used to calculate the RNG could you please post it and do not tell me its true random. i have had 2 games in a row were i drew 20 cards in a row and 0 of them were energy in a theme deck containing 20 energy starting with a full deck of 46 cards (60 card deck - 7 for your hand 6 for prizes then 1 for first turn or 60-14=46) . i actually did the math and the odds of that happening are 0.0626371% for each game (i just now realized that i didn't count the 14 initial cards removed from the deck so the number is even lower). add to that a 3rd game i just got done playing where the exact same thing happened again only 15 cards before a single energy this time or 0.8725379%. add to that horribly biased against me coin flips. on one move that requires 4 flips i would get 2h/2t, 1h/3t(most common roll), or 0h/4t. i never once got a 4h/0t and only about once per game would i get 3h/1t. i hadn't already removed the game and all its associated files off this computer i'd use this opportunity to give all my stuff away as i'm never playing this game again, but its never getting put back on the computer.

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