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Feedback: Making it Easier To Get the Cards You Want

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28 February 2018 - 12:10 AM



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  • RestlessThought

An interesting update for sure.

I don't really want tradelocked packs :P I'd rather open tradable packs. But it's cool they're all there in the store now. And being able to buy all the theme decks is also neat.


Most of all I greatly appreciate the extra tokens in the daily rewards and tournaments! 400 for 1st, wow!!! Maybe now I'll be able to actually afford all of those cool promo bundles... oh wait xP 


I would prefer if there was a way to get tradeable legacy-only packs/cards and that the old promos and gameplay items were still available somehow. The rotating shop bundles were awesome and no legacy tournaments is sad. And for the record I also did like the special weekend challenges. They were nice, I'm thankful staff took the effort to run them. If nothing else, they gave me a reason to try a different deck out. Them, the tourney rewards and the shop bundles were something new to check out nearly every week which made the game feel less static between set releases.


Well, thank you to the staff for continuing to work on improving the game.

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28 February 2018 - 12:17 AM



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  • danieljf1989

Please, I beg you, reconsider discontinuing the Legacy Tournaments. As a Legacy-only player, you are taking away from me all I've been doing in the game.


The reason for taking them away is not reasonable. It could take like 30 minutes sometimes to get a Lecagy Tournament going, but I was OK with it. I don't really care about waiting, as long as I can play them. It is ever worse to not be able to play them!


I've had so much fun with this game and my Legacy deck for more than a year, and now it is pretty much dead to me.


By scrolling this feedback, I see there are other players that feel the same.


So again, I ask you guys to reconsider this action.

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28 February 2018 - 12:23 AM



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  • peglegmcgee

I think there needs to be a way to get tickets easier.  Only you get 1 ticket after like 9 wins on ladder.  Seems like it will be impossible for people to keep playing tournaments without the coin events.

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28 February 2018 - 12:25 AM



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  • XK920XK

I like the new changes for new players.  I think with increased tokens on ladder it will definitely help the new players get cards without having to go through the trade market shenanigans. 




Cant wait to see what the new ladder will bring.

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28 February 2018 - 12:26 AM



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  • abinhathbour456

i don't care about the tickets i don't care about the coins i don't care about any new improvements what i care about is the shop bundles am missing 2 bundles and now your telling me i can't get them and i've been waiting for years for the fossil set to be in the shop thats not fair.

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28 February 2018 - 12:43 AM




  • SingingFlyEx

My 7-yo son and I started to play this game seriously about 3 months ago. We've been trying to amass enough tokens each week to buy the rotating promo bundles and, if possible, the theme decks, with the aim to collect them all in the long term.


I mean, those things coming then disappearing, it was an incentive to collect them while there're here, right?


With your plans there'll be a lot less pressure for collecting theme decks. Good.

But it will be impossible to get the promo cards and coins.


Please don't discontinue some form of rotating bundle. It could be more expensive if you want. But it's strange to let people start collecting something then just discontinue.

Right now I have this feeling : “I felt at home, but it's somebody else's house, I can be kicked out any time”.


If you really want to make it easier to get the cards we want I have suggestions for the trade market.


PS: To the people who enjoyed legacy, you say

Everyone's experience varies, but personally, 30 minutes waiting in a tournament event queue seems less than fun to me".

English is not my first langage, so I don't know the difference in meaning when comparing to

I don't care about you, m***n”.


EDIT I had misread that HGSS wouldn't come back, sorry, I corrected my message

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28 February 2018 - 12:44 AM



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  • The_Real_Bug

I salute most of the changes, though i disagree with Legacy Events and Special Challenges.

What about unobtainable promo cards?

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28 February 2018 - 12:53 AM





Great changes. Though it doesn't make sense to remove bundles and legacy tourneys.

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28 February 2018 - 12:58 AM



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  • The_Real_Bug

On a second thought, i think that you are promoting locked cards way too much.

Is this TPCI telling us that the answer to the danger of our accounts being compromised in the future are the trade locked cards?


Note to TPCI:


Your game is called Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) and not Pokemon Trade Locked Card Game Online (PTLCGO).

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28 February 2018 - 01:06 AM



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  • AlexanderJM

Adding to everyone else it makes no sense to remove legacy, or any format for that matter. Even the wayback removing of Unlimited makes no sense.


I understand maybe from a developer point that you don't want less knowledgeable/new players to "unknowingly" wait the supposed 30 minutes for a queue in tourneys. Though at the same time it makes no sense to remove active features, I think even at heart the reason the queues were so long was because there's very little support for legacy.


Legacy cards are scarce and a new player would have trouble trading for them as is, removing the tourney for legacy just makes that even harder. If you really wanted to make it more accessible it should've stayed and also received the improved rewards treatment.


Once again reiterating that it just makes no sense from an "improving card gains" standpoint to REMOVE a card gain system.

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28 February 2018 - 01:27 AM



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  • Jigglypuffan

hello little question


do expanded tournament give random black and white pack and random hgss pack?

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28 February 2018 - 01:50 AM



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  • Filo_Filll

Do I have to remind you that it's a Trading Card Game? You killed 30% of the trading market and closed the door for new collectors. Getting specific card will now require opening hundreds of packs and dealing with most of them being junk. Wow... So much fun...

Oh, and you closed the door for present collectors too by removing bundles.

Aaand you removed legacy events because "it seemed less fun to you". What a bu***t, selfish explanation. Imagine, there were solid amount of people who enjoyed it despite having to wait.

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28 February 2018 - 01:55 AM



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  • freezekent

I'm also very sad about losing legacy -- I've only been playing a little over a year now, and have spent much of my time slowly building up my legacy decks -- losing access to tradeable legacy packs is very disappointing to me.  Feel like almost all my work over the past year has gone for nothing.

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28 February 2018 - 01:59 AM



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  • Harion

i thought this was announcement was about dusting.

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28 February 2018 - 02:16 AM



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  • Zowdie

I'm also quite disappointed to see the legacy tournaments leave, they were a part of the game that really defined what it meant to be able to build a collection and play even with older cards. Especially with tradeable legacy packs being harder to come by now, it simply just blocks new players from entering the format by raising the price of tradeable versions and forcing prospective players to rely on luck to pull what they want from shop packs.

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28 February 2018 - 02:20 AM



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  • Kadin_Shino

Please bring back legacy. I have been working too long trading up building a decent legacy deck only to have legacy tournaments taken away. You literally killed an entire player base without even asking players if this is something they would want. Im not sure where you're coming from for waiting a long time in queue. I play the game 12-14 hours a day and have never seen these issues. Yes during the week lobbying can take a bit of time to queue, 5-10 mins but during the weekends your not waiting more than 5 minutes. It's still faster to fire off a Tournament then it is IRL


Also, the new reward system for tournaments makes them less compelling. Handing out random format boosters helps no one progress in the system to help improve players decks. Yes, your offering coins now. However, it would have have been far better if you wanted users to buy cards to instead offer two fewer packs for first and second and the most recent set plus 400 coins. Ironically talking about queue times, They have on average increased 2 minutes for games to fire off in both expanded and standard. I fear this weekend lobby will be about as long as they are during the week, which is moving backward in trying to get more people to play. You're losing your veteran player base and really only catering to the new player just slightly.


Also, by randomizing the reward system, you have created a system that is quite honestly closer to gambling online. You can buy Tournament tickets and use them to play for an unknown reward. This is another aspect I really honestly don't like about the new reward system. You have to becareful how this is implemented to not upset parents or upset ESRB ratings or mainstream media. 


This really does nothing but hurt the player in getting worse results for trading up to cards they need. 


On a positive note, bringing back older packs and sets to the store is a good move. This will help players in a way get what they need for expanded. However with the way pull rates are, I don't see this being entirely popular.

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28 February 2018 - 02:32 AM



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  • OU7C4ST

Is this a bad time to ask for you to add Vivid sleeves/deckboxes into the Gameplay Shop section? 

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28 February 2018 - 03:22 AM




  • grriffinn

There's only one thing that I can say about this update: Two steps forward, one step back.


Adding all past theme decks and booster packs is nice, but putting BLW-era and HGSS-era packs behind future shop updates is iffy. Discontinuing Shop Bundles is something I don't want to see, especially if these bundles were the ONLY way to get certain promos and cosmetic items. And no, Gem bundles don't count due to them remaining Canada-exclusive. And the pull rates are something that NEED to be addressed, you know you have a problem when you have a better chance of getting 1 or more Ultra-Rares from a sealed booster box than you do opening 36 virtual packs.


Adding more tournaments is good but losing a reliable way to get more Tournament Tickets (in the form of Token tournaments) just seems fishy, especially when you can BUY Tournament Tickets. Unless  this problem is addressed quickly, I can see attendance drop regardless of the changes made. Losing all Legacy tournaments would've hurt if it was a format that was regularly played, but the sheer amount of Tier 0 decks I saw in the queue just soured the experience for everyone. Giving Legacy a restriction/ban list like the one Japan has for their Palace/Hall of Fame format and removing the HGSS-LTR restriction probably would've helped increase the playerbase, but the staff seems to be reluctant to make this changes or even test them out. Are they afraid that these things will scare players away from the game?


Making changes to the Daily Rewards by adding more Tokens is nice in THEORY, but my issues with the Shop changes still make the additional coins iffy. And with the potential loss of Token Tournaments being a thing, you could've also INCREASED the amount Tournament Tickets being given out to help compensate for the loss of said tournaments. We'll have to wait for ladder changes, but I'm not enthusiastic about 'em. Special Challenges being reevaluated is good, but normal challenges not being addressed in some way (Knockout challenges) is somewhat disheartening.

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28 February 2018 - 03:22 AM



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  • seminc
I’m gonna multiquote and sum up all my thoughts right here. Thanks for providing a direct feedback opportunity, Alex.

Hello Trainers!

We’re working to make it easier to get the cards you want with the following plans:
Bring all Booster packs and Theme Decks from all expansions to the Shop.
Streamlining Tournaments by removing the weekly rotation and improving rewards.
Improve Versus Ladder Rewards with more Trainer Tokens, Tournament Tickets, and Booster Packs.
Improve Daily Versus Rewards.
Log into the Pokémon TCG Online today and you can see the first changes to implement these improvements. Additional changes in our March and April updates will finish the rest.

<Insert excited puppy GIFs here>

The Shop:

Booster packs and Theme Decks from the XY series and Sun & Moon series are all in the Shop.

All Black & White series and HeartGold & SouldSilver series booster packs and Theme Decks will be coming to the Shop in future updates.

Absolutely love this. I’ve wanted to complete my theme deck collection for so long but haven’t been able to. Will be really nice to have old packs too. Will Call of Legends Theme Decks (Retort and Recon) be added to the shop, and make the elusive shattered ice Lucario available in game by any chance? Just curious.

With everything from all expansions planned to be included in the Shop, we are discontinuing the use of Weekly Shop Bundles.

I’m more than a bit apprehensive about this. While I understand the reasoning for it, the promo cards that don’t have IRL codes backing them are always a bit more of a struggle to get your hands on then they should be. Hopefully there will be some way to obtain them again in the future, maybe a newsletter code, or a versus prize, et cetera.


Tournaments for Standard, Expanded and Theme are now always available.
Tournament booster pack rewards are now always random, but include significant additional Trainer Token rewards. For example, first place rewards for the Standard 8 ticket tournament event now include:

1st Place Standard 8 Ticket Rewards:
· 6 random boosters from expansions in the Standard format
· 400 Trainer Tokens.

With those Trainer Tokens, you can immediately go to the Shop and obtain 2 boosters from whatever expansion that you are interested in.

Legacy format tournaments and tournaments for token entry have been discontinued due to current low participation. It is never fun to sit in a tournament queue, only to wait and wait, never having the needed 8 people to start. These may return in the future, once we see how these changes impact the game.

I think this was a reasonable decision. It will probably effect the trade market a fair bit, as prices for legacy cards may rise moderately due to lack of supply (unless Legacy packs are droppable from Tournament Random rewards) but other than that it seems to be a sound choice. It remains to be seen how the legacy format itself will fare, now that there will no longer be a reason to play it.

Daily Versus Rewards:

Trainer Token amounts in the Daily Versus Rewards have been increased.
With everything coming to the Shop, it will now be easier to turn Trainer Tokens into the booster packs that you want to expand your collection.

Good. I think it would have been better to have this back when shop bundles were a thing, but it will still be very nice. I still would like to vouch for some form of card recycling for trade locked cards some time in the future.

Note: Special Challenges

The use of Special, time limited Challenges are being re-evaluated. We do not have plans to run them in the near future. Daily challenges are not changing and you will see those continue.

I don’t see an issue with this, Special challenges were frequently complained about and kind of stuck out like a sore thumb.

Note: Versus Ladder

Look for changes to the Versus Ladder Rewards in future ladders.

We are excited to bring these changes to you!

Oh the suspense! O_o


Is this a bad time to ask for you to add Vivid sleeves/deckboxes into the Gameplay Shop section?

I know I’m asking for a lot buuuuuuut

Maybe someday? Pweez XD


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28 February 2018 - 05:04 AM



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  • idealassimilate
What no legacy!!!! I was just getting into it.!

I liked things the way they were with the rotations..
Seems kind of like a bad update.
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