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10,340 Different Cards to Own

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24 October 2018 - 05:26 AM



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Just a heads-up...

A new promo box started hitting the shelves last week, which retails for approx. $50 USD.

Only thing is, they're NOT new promos.  It's nearly an identical product, with a different name.  I preordered it from a distributor, sight unseen, and was disappointed to find the exact same cards that were released one year ago in October.

Last year >> Shining Legends Super-Premium Collection

This year >> Shining Legends Premium Powers Collection

Both sets have an oversized card (Ho-Oh GX), along with Rainbow Ho-Oh GX, Pikachu, Shining Celebi, and Shining Lugia.  Last year's release came with 10 Shining Legends packs, and this year's has 8.  Since it's moderately cheaper (still expensive IMHO), this year's collection does not include the playmat, 3 collector's boxes, dividers, and the big storage box.

Caveat emptor.

Last year >> https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/product-gallery/shining-legends-super-premium-collection-featuring-ho-oh/

This year >> https://www.pokemon.com/uk/pokemon-tcg/product-gallery/shining-legends-premium-powers-collection/

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29 October 2018 - 09:29 AM



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Another Ultra Necrozma-GX (Promo SM126) was added to the game on Friday, October 26th.  It comes in one of the Dragon Majesty promo boxes, with 4 DRM packs and an Ultra Necrozma figure.


Note:  This is the 5th different art version of Ultra Necrozma-GX, all with the same stats and attacks.




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9,916 Different Cards to Own (the top possible, including 12 that are unobtainable).

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30 October 2018 - 07:38 PM



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With today's version 2.57 update, two Alternate Promos (yellow A) were added to the game.


Tapu Fini GX (BUS 39a)

Tapu Lele GX (GRI 60a)


Both of these are included in the same promo box, called Island Guardians GX Premium Collection.  It's scheduled for release on November 2, 2018.  With an oversize Tapu Lele card, and a playmat, this promo box will likely retail for $40 or more.




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9,918 Different Cards to Own (the top possible, including 12 that are unobtainable).

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01 November 2018 - 09:18 PM



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I'm going to wait until tomorrow (at least) to update this thread.  That's the official release date for these products.  As of right now, 424 cards were added to the game today, with Lost Thunder and promos.  There should be a couple more promos appearing tomorrow, so it's best to hold off on a final count.


We're breaking the 10k barrier in a big way, with at least 10,342 different cards to own.

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02 November 2018 - 11:44 PM



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With the release of Lost Thunder, and new promos, 433 new cards were added to the game today, which brings the new total to 10,351.


This latest set, Lost Thunder, brought 414 new cards, including the regular release, reverse foils, end-of-set (SR/RR), and theme deck exclusive.  Of these, 346 are Pokémon, 66 Trainers, and 2 Energy.


Of the 414 cards in Lost Thunder, 4 are exclusive versions (foil/non-foil) to either Theme Decks or Prerelease Boxes (Build & Battle Boxes).


Ampharos, LOT 78 (Non-Foil)

Entei, LOT 47 (Foil)

Naganadel, LOT 108 (Non-Foil)

Raikou, LOT 79 (Foil)


In addition to the regular Lost Thunder set, 19 other cards were added.


There are 4 Prerelease Promos (SM Black Star) for Lost Thunder:


Giratina (SM151)

Raikou (SM150)

Suicune (SM149)

Tapu Lele (SM152)


There is a non-foil Blaziken, from Dragon Majesty (DRM 6), that is exclusive to the new Blazing Volcano Theme Deck.


There are 4 new promos from Lost Thunder Blister Packs.  These should be available today in your local store or card shop.


Alolan Exeggutor, Yellow A Alternate (FLI 2a) ...available in a 3-pack blister

Altaria, Yellow A Alternate (DRM 40a) ...available in a 3-pack blister

Rowlet (SM153) ...available in a single-pack blister

Salandit (SM154) ...available in a single-pack blister


Also released today, is the Pikachu & Eevee Poké Ball Collection.  It includes a large Poké Ball that serves as a card holder, along with two promos.


Eevee, Yellow A Alternate (SUM 101a)

Pikachu (SM157)


Scheduled for release on November 16, is the Fall 2018 Collector Chest (aka Lunch Box).  It will include promos of the 3 Legendary Birds.


Articuno (SM144)

Moltres (SM143)

Zapdos (SM145)


Also scheduled for release on November 16, are a couple promo boxes with DRM boosters (Dragon Majesty Special Collections).  They will include these 4 promos:


Kyurem (SM142)

White Kyurem GX, full-art (SM141)


Salamence (SM140)

Salamence GX, full-art (SM139)


Lastly, this update added a new Jumpluff League Promo (LOT 14), which probably won't start showing up in Public Offers for another week or two.


Post #1 is updated, and current.


10,351 Different Cards to Own (the top possible, including 12 that are unobtainable).

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03 November 2018 - 09:32 AM



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  • Loof6

Thanks for the informations. :)

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22 November 2018 - 06:41 AM



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Although they don't add to the total card count (different cards owned), everyone should note that the 2018 Pokémon TCG World Championships Decks have been out for the last several days.  These are the Theme Deck style boxes that come out every year, with silver-edge cards that can't be played in sanctioned events.  There are 4 different decks, which were released on November 16th.


Every year there's a problem with players (often well-know) putting these gameplay items in Public Offers, asking for prices that we would only expect from the Competitors' special release editions.  These "box set" gameplay versions are worth something, for sure, but they're NOT worth 20, 30, 40, or more packs that you might see offered in the game.  The newer, cheaper deck box and sleeves (from Nashville) are white & gray, instead of white/turquoise, and the coin (Pikachu playing a banjo) is silver, rather than gold.


Beware.  Caveat emptor.



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02 December 2018 - 09:42 PM



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A League Promo Trainer -- Lost Blender (LOT 181) -- was added to the game this weekend.
As with most League Promos, this probably won't appear in Public Offers for another week or two.  These are usually distributed at Leagues (in the real world) the following weekend, or the next, after they appear in PTCGO.

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10,352 Different Cards to Own (the top possible, including 12 that are unobtainable).

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12 December 2018 - 09:43 PM



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For a very long time, these 12 Promo cards appeared in the game, and were considered "unobtainable" (and not tradable).  They were never released virtually.  With the version 2.59 update, these 12 cards were removed from the Online game entirely (December 11, 2018).

Elgyem BW55
Espeon BW92
Flareon BW88
Glaceon BW90
Jigglypuff BW65
Jolteon BW91
Keldeo BW60
Leafeon BW87
Lillipup BW52
Meowth BW35
Scraggy BW25
Vaporeon BW99

Before the Giratina promo (XY184), most of the older promos (in the real world) didn't have a code card.  The Pokémon Company compensated for this by offering the older promos as giveaways, in Prize Wheels, etc.  But these 12 early B&W Promos were never distributed when these free features ended.

This correction should help everyone calculate their Different Cards Owned, without having to always remember which ones were "unobtainable."  Thank you Staff.

Post #1 is updated, and current.

10,340 Different Cards to Own (the top possible).

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