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A Pokemon Thanksgiving

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23 November 2017 - 06:01 PM



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Hey y'all, thought I'd wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.  And since some traditions in some families involve saying what they are grateful for, I thought I try something similar on here, but with Pokemon.  So to ask the question, when it comes to Pokemon, wither it's the game, anime, cards, other, or even the franchise as a whole, what is it you are the most graceful for when it comes to Pokemon?  And for something extra, if you want, throw in something you would like to see Pokémon do, that you feel is new, or overdue.


As for me, right now, I'm just grateful that it's been such a big part of my life since Gen I, getting to see something grow from square one like Pokémon, not day one, or even year one for me, I think I was in year two or three when RBY came out, and see it grow into the phenomenon it is now.  And right now, while still hoping for a Pokémon MMORPG to become a possibility, even if it's on the Switch, would like to see by Pokémon 25 in 2021, that we get to see maybe Pokémon Yellow go through a big overhaul, even if it becomes a reboot and give it a more of an anime touch.


Anyway, moderators invited to share, and please keep responses clean and nice.

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24 November 2017 - 08:04 AM




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Im really grateful for Gen 1 because it was the first game that really made me interested in gaming. I got it a few days before I had to move across the country, and in a new town during the summer I did not have any friends, or many opportunities to meet kids, but I have lots of fond memories of player a ton of Pokemon. when school finally started I made a lot of friends based on our mutual love of the game. So in the end Pokemon was something that really helped me through a difficult transition in my child hood, and was the reason I got into video games.

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