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(Trading Guide) How I Got 2 Tapu Lele GX within 16 days of starting.

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13 November 2017 - 07:06 AM



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For those of you who don't know, I have started this series as a guide to F2P players on [Content removed - Mod_Jynthu]

Today I'll be posting about the basics of trading and how I obtained 2 Tapu Lele GX within 16 days of starting (no luck involved, no money spent). Plenty of people have asked for my trade history, so I have also included it in the video at the end of this post. Let's get started.

**~In-game currency**

There are two types of in-game currencies. The game gives you these through various daily rewards.

1.*Tokens*- The "coins" of the game, used to buy in-game boosters and decks.

2.*Tickets*- The entry tickets for various tournaments

Packs obtained by spending Tokens cannot be traded. However, Packs obtained as rewards of tournaments can be traded.

Your job as a F2P player is to grind the Theme tournaments as much as possible. Even if you don't win, you get an Uncommon Chest which in just a couple of trades, can be converted into a booster pack.

**~Basics of Trading**

Every card and booster pack in this game has a value. This value has no units and is only referential. I refer to ou7c4st's page for this. It is updated regularly and values may change.

So how does trading work?

Now let's say you obtained a GuR (Guardians Rising) pack as a Tournament reward. You go to ou7c4st's card value page and check its price. GuR packs currently cost 1.0

To make a profit, you have to sell the GuR pack for something that costs a little more than 1.0

So on the same page, you find a Pokemon card that is valued, say, 1.25

Currently, Charizard GX costs 1.25 (RA=regular art), so you've decided what to trade your GuR pack for.

In the game, go to the Trade window. Click on "Create Trade" -> "Public Trade".

In the "I am Giving", put your GuR pack. In the "I am Getting", search and put a Charizard GX.

Set the trade for **8 hours**. But why not 24 hours? The thing is, trades appear at the top of the "Public Offers" list when they're about to expire. If you set it for 24 hours, it will appear once- at the end. If you set it for 8 hours and renew it thrice, it will appear at the top thrice and is more likely to get accepted.

The game will notify you if the trade gets accepted or expires. If it expires, you get back what you were supposed to be giving. There is a notifications bar on the right where your trade info will be notified to you.

Believe me, you can get ANY card you want if you put in the time and effort.

**~What direction should I trade in?**

Remember how I said you can convert an Uncommon Chest to a Booster? Here's how that happens:

You have: Uncommon Chest (0.33)

You trade UC Chest for: Machamp GX (0.5)

You trade Machamp GX for: 1 Burning Shadows pack (0.75)

You trade the BuS pack for: 1 Lunala GX (0.75)

You trade the Lunala GX for: 1 GuR Pack (1.0)

You trade the GuR pack for: 1 Charizard GX (1.25)

You trade the Charizard GX for: 1 Marshadow GX (1.5)

You trade Marsh for: 2 GuR (1.0x2=2.0)

And so on. Get your staples first (Tapu Lele GX, maybe even Shaymin EX), and then go on to building deck cores. If you're finding this too complicated, watch the video linked below.

**~How did I get 2 Tapu Lele GX within 16 days of starting?**

Yes, I am a free-to-play player. No, I didn't get lucky.

For starters, I won 3 tournaments within 24 hours of starting. I used the Hidden Moon deck which was king 3 weeks ago. Right now I would recommend using the Clanging Thunder deck. I will be reviewing that in my next post.

I would trade a lot, regularly check my account, and win more tournaments.

Getting Leles isn't that hard.

1 Lele in 8 days = 24.0 in 8 days= 3.0 in one day, which is a reasonable net value to have if your profits are right.

Still, plenty of people asked for my trade log so you can watch the video below.

Some trades show as "1 BuS + 1 more". Don't assume that "1 more" is another BuS. If you want to know about a specific trade from the video, you can ask me. However, I won't be revealing usernames of people I traded with.

Video guide + my trade history is on [Content removed - Mod_Jynthu]

(*Skip to 16:32 for trade history, rest of the video is a trading demo*)

Wait, now what if I have 1 GuR that's tradeable, and 1 that's not?

Answer: They stack, and the one that's not tradeable gets opened first if you try to open the stack.

The only thing you need to remember for trading is that *someone's always ready to underpay, and someone's always ready to get paid less. Target the ignorant and the impatient, and you can get anything you want.*

Hope this post was helpful.

Have a good day!


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13 November 2017 - 07:13 AM



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I get it.  You have visions of being a Streamer.  But posting the same thread twice in the Forum is kind of a tacky, "Howdy."  It's a good start, but if you offer advice freely, without advertising, it might be better.

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13 November 2017 - 08:02 AM



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I get it.  You have visions of being a Streamer.


It's not even my channel. The post history was requested multiple times by players, so I posted it here.

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09 October 2018 - 07:06 PM



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I like your advice it helped me a lot. For others reading this I would also advice looking for card with similar values because it doesn't always work with one GX Pokemon. There are a lot of other GX that are worth 0.5 or 1.25.

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10 October 2018 - 10:18 PM



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  • Princess_Aurora
Thanks for writing this thread! It’s definitively a helpful guide to teach starters how to generate income. I’ll copy the link to this location.

Friendship is magic!

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10 October 2018 - 10:57 PM



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Tho it's a 1 year thread. Leo was very bored!

But I doesn't surprise me with the low activity in forums.


It's supposed every day it's easier to be more connected and more players know the game but, it seems the fashion TCG is probably a different one right now. Or maybe be the pokémon gen has grown and have no time to play anymore...?

WE WANT LEGACY TOURNAMENTS BACK !!! If you also want it, show your support http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/55966-feedback-making-it-easier-to-get-the-cards-you-want/

5th day reward packs list http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/56679-5th-day-log-in-pack-is-random-got-a-gur-dd/?p=593037

Foro en español, también existe: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/forum/2-español/

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10 October 2018 - 11:15 PM



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Tho it's a 1 year thread. Leo was very bored!
But I doesn't surprise me with the low activity in forums.

It's supposed every day it's easier to be more connected and more players know the game but, it seems the fashion TCG is probably a different one right now. Or maybe be the pokémon gen has grown and have no time to play anymore...?

Just the forums that’s getting ready for Halloween by having an abandoned look. We’ll have to change the theme to orange/black/purple and add a few cobwebs, then we’ll get a forum that’s fully prepared for All Hallow’s Eve!

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Why is this necroed? The guide isn't updated anymore.

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