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2.47.0 Patch Notes | September 19, 2017

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19 September 2017 - 05:28 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Mathis

On September 19, 2017 the Pokémon TCG Online was updated to version 2.47.0. Changes in this version include:



  • Improved the presentation of the match results screen



  • Alph Lithograph (UD #THREE): This card's effect now functions properly when played to anywhere on the playmat.
  • Altar of the Moone (GRI #117): The effect of this card is now consistently applied to Pokemon with an attached Special Energy card that provides every type of Energy.
  • Dialga (PHF #122): This card now displays properly in the game client.
  • Gastly (EVO #47): The effect of the Little Grudge attack now consistently activates when Gastly is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack.
  • Herbal Energy (FFI #103): Abilities now consistently consider this card G Energy while it is in play.
  • Machamp BREAK (EVO #60): The effect of the Boomerang Lariat attack increases damage that Machamp BREAK does to itself on the following turn.
  • Ninja Boy (STS #103): Switching a Pokemon that can have multiple Pokemon Tool cards attached with a Pokemon that can only have 1 Pokemon Tool card attached now causes all but 1 attached Pokemon Tool card to be discarded.
  • Ninja Boy (STS #103): Using Ninja Boy on a Benched Pokemon affected by Metal Fortress, Bench Barrier, or Defense Sign no longer allows those effects to persist after the new Pokemon becomes Active.
  • Reshiram (LTR #114): This card now displays properly in the game client.
  • Wonder Energy (PRC #144): Abilities now consistently consider this card Y Energy while it is in play.
  • Zekrom (LTR #115): This card now displays properly in the game client.
  • Zygarde (BUS #100): The Core Enforcer attack now consistently discards the required type of Energy.
  • Attacks such as Retaliate and Revenge no longer do additional damage after a Pokemon is Knocked Out on the previous turn as a result of being devolved by the effect of the opponent's attack.
  • Booster packs rewards from earning 4 stars on a Trainer Challenge opponent or league should no longer be displayed in a Products Redeemed window.
  • Exported deck lists now use the correct abbreviation for XY—Fates Collide. Deck lists with the old abbreviation will not import properly unless the set abbreviation is manually changed to FCO.
  • Resolved an issue that could allow a player to continue taking actions after a Pokémon with the Omega Barrier Ancient Trait is Knocked Out due to flipping tails for Confused.
  • The contents of a Mystery Box reward are now displayed on the Match Results screen.
  • The Daily Bonus window should no longer displays a different booster pack for the day 5 reward than the one that is actually received.
  • The Theta Stop Ancient Trait now consistently prevents the effects of the opponent's Abilities.

Mike Liesik
Pokémon TCG Online Associate Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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