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Server Update Hotfixes | Aug. 18, 2017

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22 August 2017 - 11:14 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Samhayne
On August 18, 2017 the Pokémon TCG Online game server was updated, which included the following hotfixes:
  • Corrected an issue that could result in the Leaderboards on Pokemon.com not populating with any data.

  • Deino (DRX #93, LTR #97): Now properly requires a coin flip for the Deep Growl attack.

  • Gliscor (PHF #47): Now properly requires a coin flip for the Poison Jab attack. 

  • Toxicroak (STS #59): Now properly requires a coin flip for the Poison Jab attack.

  • Shroomish (GEN RC2): Now properly requires a coin flip for the Worry Seed attack.

  • Pokémon with Ancient Trait Theta Stop now properly prevent the effect of Alolan Dugtrio SUM #87 Tangling Hair ability.

  • Corrected a situation that could lead to needing 4 coinflips for Snorlax FLF #80 to wake from Sleep.

  • Xatu (UL #11) Confus Ray attack text now properly displays.

  • Pineco's (UD #63) Suprise Attack will now do proper damage depending on the associated coin flips, after the use of Focus Energy.

  • Chandelure (GRI #13) card text now properly displays. 

Alex Leary
Pokémon TCG Online

Live Operations Senior Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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