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More Anime With Little to No Ash in them

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18 August 2017 - 10:42 AM



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Hey everyone, it's me, throwing another topic.  This time, it's about the anime, and how amazing how after 20 years of Ash and Pikachu traveling, with little to no progress in his travels, from catching pokemon to going up in the leagues, while his female companions seem to do a bit better in their endeavors, mainly because they are only good for one region, that there isn't a big variety of anime that tells a different story, which right now just totals 3:  Pokémon Chronicles, which is just a collection of mini-series and side stories; Origins, which is just a mini-series version of the FRLG games; And finally, Generations, which just breezes through six generations of the series, with Looker seeming more like the main focus through at least half the episodes, I think.  While there are plenty of movies, mini-movies, and special that have to do with the pokemon, occasionally, you end up seeing a part of Ash, mainly his back, at the ending.  While the video games have the core games, and tons of side games, like Stadium, Snap, Pinball, Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, Rumble, and a few others, like Go, and there are plenty of mangas with different variations of the series, yet when it comes to the anime, seems more limited, like maybe, the Pokémon Company can't afford to do more then one series.  After 21 years of Pokémon, pretty sure there are plenty of things that there can be an anime based off of, wither game or manga, or even do a few actual spinoffs of the main anime.  Here are a few I would like to see:


  • Pokémon Snap spinoff:  Pretty sure anybody who watched the Indigo and Johto seasons, would remember Todd Snap, the photographer that Ash, Pikachu, MIsty and Brock meet, and traveled with for about three episodes, separates, and meets again briefly in a Johto two-parter.  One thing that would be nice if they did a series on Todd, to where they show him taking pictures of Pokémon in the wild, while also, getting to see Pokémon in a more natural setting, kind of like, Pokémon meets National Geographic in a documentary kind of anime, with Ash, and his crew, just making a cameo appearance, or dropping by every once in a while.
  • Professor Oak prequel:  Be interesting to see an anime showing what Professor Oak was like when he was a kid, along with a cameo from his brother Samson, just to see him get his charmander, and see what his journey is like, while explaining what lead him to become a Pokémon Professor, along with him starting out with one, along with maybe, bring in a young Delia Ketchum, showing how they are connected, and also, fill in a little bit more on Ash's father.  The main problem with a prequel, especially a Pokémon one, is that, with every new generation of Pokémon and such, is that the prequel has to squeeze any big changes in somehow.
  • Pokémon Colosseum:  Bet a lot of people seen this one coming, but hear me out.  Even though the whole Shadow Pokémon, and stealing pokemon, even stolen ones, from the bad guys, seems a bit countered productive when compared to the original theme, yet with the main characters, and how little was done to the games in terms of the plot and lack of what made the other games great, still plenty of room for improvement, even if it has to be a bit more of a adult theme show, considering how dark it is compared to say Stadium.  And with XD, might cause a bit of conflict, since same deal, but more stuff, and a more lighter version of the first one.
  • Pokémon Conquest:  Because who wouldn't want to see what Pokémon would be like in the same setting as Samurai and Imperial Japanese kind of lifestyle.
  • Pokémon Ranger:  Because it's another option of working with Pokémon other then capturing them.
  • Pokémon Stadium:  Because even a stationary setting should be interesting and entertaining, especially when it involves the people who run it, and tries to keep things going while dealing with life and customers.

Anyway, that's it for me, and if anybody wants to comment on anything, wither my statement or my list, please keep it clean.  If you have a suggestion, feel free to share.

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18 August 2017 - 07:44 PM



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  • zlude_in

Those franchises (Snap, Stadium, Rangers, etc.) are "dead". It's a waste of money for TPC to make a (full 25-min, 12+ ep. running) anime based on those games if they're not actively developing them at even half the rate they do for the mainline games. 

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18 August 2017 - 10:54 PM



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  • GrewupGeek

Unless somebody uses the Virtual Console as an excuse to get inspiration.

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20 August 2017 - 06:39 AM




  • Mod_Alder

A professor Oak prequel would be interesting. 

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