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Dev Update: Version 2.46, Next Expansion and Weekend Events

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20 July 2017 - 12:24 AM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Samhayne

Hello Trainers,


The next update to the Pokémon TCG Online is nearing completion.  Version 2.46 is current planned to go live on Tuesday, August 1st.  Here are the highlights of what you can expect to see in this new version:

  • Support for the Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion
  • Updated Mulligan Experience
  • New Random Booster rewards for Expanded and Legacy format tournament events
  • New Animation for Mystery Boxes
  • Collector’s Pick Items coming to the Shop


Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion


Minions of Team Skull and a cavalcade of new Pokémon stand ready to battle in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion! 


If you want to get a real jump on the Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion, attend a physical prerelease tournament event, being held July 22-30.  Click here to learn more.


Timing wise, we roll out support for the expansion early in the week to ensure that everything is working correctly for the Friday launch and a lot of fun play with new cards over that weekend.  Tuesday, August 1 version 2.46 will be released.  There will be a client patch for PC and Mac.  iPad and Android Tablet players will need to download the updated app from their respective app stores.  On Thursday, August 3 a rolling server deploy (no downtime) will run which should finish at approximately Noon Pacific.  When this update is done you will see the Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion in the Collection, will be able to burst items redeemed from code cards for the set.  At 10 a.m. Pacific on Friday, August 4th, Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows boosters and theme decks will be available in the in-game Shop for Trainer Tokens.


Updated Mulligan Experience

In version 2.46, if you or your opponent has multiple mulligans before having a basic Pokémon to open with, these multiple mulligans will be displayed in a single sequence.  This has the possibility of saving a lot of time at the start of the game by removing the potential pain of sitting through watching cards being drawn over and over.

New Random Booster rewards for Expanded and Legacy format tournament events

As part of version 2.46 we will be adding random booster collations for the Expanded and Legacy formats.  Look for tournament event rewards to be changed to include these random boosters.


New Animation for Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes received from the Versus daily reward track have an updated animation in version 2.46 to better connect the flow of rewards following the finish of a match.


Collector’s Pick Items coming to the Shop

We will be adding a new badge for items in the Packs Tab of the Shop: Collector’s Pick.  We plan to rotate older set boosters and theme decks through the Shop and use the Collector’s Pick badge to call these out. 


Weekend Events

In other news, we have some fun events coming this weekend, July 22-23:


  • 24 Ticket Expanded Tournament
  • Bonus Ticket Weekend – Ticket rewards from the Versus Daily Reward Ladder will be increased.
  • A new special challenge that is advanced through Tournament Play.


As always, thanks for being part of our Community!


If you have thoughts, questions, or feedback, please join us on the Feedback Forum!  (note: you must be logged in to view or post to the Feedback Forum). 

Alex Leary
Pokémon TCG Online
The Pokémon Company International

Need help from the support team? Visit the [url="http://www.pokemon.com/support"]support portal[/url] and submit a ticket!
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