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2.45.0 Patch Notes | June 20, 2017

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20 June 2017 - 04:32 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Mathis

On June 20, 2017 the Pokémon TCG Online was updated to version 2.45.0. Changes in this version include:



  • Updated foil effects implemented for all Legacy format expansions.


  • A new Daily Versus Rewards track has replaced the Bonus Wheel at the end of a Versus match.
  • Winning consecutive Versus matches now awards additional Versus Points.
  • 1 Versus Point will be granted for each Prize card taken in Versus matches you do not win.


  • Corrected issues with the Pokémon Trainer Club account’s Social Preference settings in the game client.

Mike Liesik
Pokémon TCG Online Associate Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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20 June 2017 - 04:38 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Mathis

Bug Fixes



  • Basic Energy cards that are not part of a specific expansion now properly appear in the Collection, when building a custom deck, or when creating a trade offer.
  • Bronzong (FCO #61): The Metal Fortress Ability no longer prevents effects of attacks by the owner which move damage counters of their Benched Pokémon to the opponent's Benched Pokémon.
  • Focus Sash (FFI #91): While attached to a F Pokémon with 1 or more damage counters on it the pip icon now shows the disabled indicator.
  • Mew-EX (DRX #46, 120, LTR #RC24, PR #XY126): The Versatile Ability can now properly copy attacks from the previous stage of a Pokémon BREAK.
  • Mimikyu (GRI #58): The Copycat attack can now copy attacks which Knock Out the attacking Pokémon.
  • Ninjask (ROS #10): Stadium cards in the hand can now be selected when the Wing Buzz Ability is used.
  • Rayquaza (PR #XY141): Improved the prompt messaging for the Dragon Blast attack.
  • Solgaleo-GX (SUM #89): Improved the prompt messaging for the Sol Burst GX attack.
  • Sudowoodo (GRI #66): The Roadblock Ability is now consistently disabled while Silent Lab (PRC #140) is in play.
  • Swellow (GRI #104): The effect of the Agility attack now properly ends when Swellow leaves play.
  • Wide Lens (ROS #95): The effect of this card is now consistently applied to all attacks that do damage to the opponent's Benched Pokémon.

Gameplay: General

  • Abilities that place multiple damage counters as a single effect should no longer end early if enough damage counters are placed to Knock Out a Pokemon before the last damage counter is placed.
  • Abilities that prevent a Pokémon from being affected by a Special Condition while a specific type of Energy is attached are now properly removed when that Energy is no longer attached.
  • All instances of the Thrash attack now resolve correctly.
  • Clicking on a Benched Pokémon during the animation of an Item or Supporter card moving from your hand to the playmat should no longer cause the turn to end immediately.
  • Effects that move Energy between two Pokémon will now activate Abilities that remove Special Conditions when a specific type of Energy is attached to a Pokemon.
  • Pokémon affected by a Special Condition that leave play and are then returned to play should no longer display the animation for that Special Condition.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the network performance indicator from appearing when the game client is having difficulty contacting the game server due to a slow network connection.
  • The first Energy card played during a match will now properly trigger the Alpha Growth Ancient Trait.
  • The names of cards that are drawn again after a mulligan should no longer appear in the opponent's game log.
  • When an effect switches the attacking Pokémon with a Benched Pokémon, promoting a Benched Pokémon with the Omega Barrage Ancient Trait no longer allows that Pokémon to make a second attack.

Gameplay: Versus

  • The progress indicator does now properly fills behind all items on the Versus Rewards track.

Gameplay: Events

  • The game client now displays a more accurate message when you fail to properly connect to a tournament match.

Cards: Collection

  • Corrected the foil pattern for a variety of cards.
  • Only cards that are Full Art should now appear when the Full Art filter is enabled.
  • The 'For Trade' tag is now automatically removed from items in the Packs tab after the last owned copy of that item is opened.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Changing the deck box or coin while saving a deck no longer resets the card sleeve selection to the default sleeve.


  • Child accounts should no longer be prevented from accessing the Friends tab when the Friend List preference is set to Open.
  • Setting the Friend Chat preference to Closed no longer disables all other Friends list functionality.

Mike Liesik
Pokémon TCG Online Associate Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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