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Anime 20th Anniversary

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01 April 2017 - 09:20 PM



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Well folks, today is the 20th anniversary of when the pilot episode for the Pokemon anime, 'Pokemon, I Choose You,' hit the air, and also, marking the last of three big anniversaries of the franchise, the first being the games, of course, and the second, to my surprise, is the Trading Card Game, always thought those came after the anime.


Anyway, if anybody wants to share what they liked about the anime, what they hated, what still bothers them in ways of things like confusion, please share, and please keep it clean, along with say, what was your favorite season, and maybe, what was your favorite moment of the series.

As for me, well, since most of the stuff I talk about involves this season, my favorite season well always be the first season, because well, the theme song was pretty catchy and the message seemed to make things sound simple what a Pokémon Master should be, and what the main goal was, along with, in a way, growing with the characters of Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu, along with seeing the Team Rocket trio making complete fools out of themselves whenever they try to commit a crime.  While I felt a little disappointed because the original theme song seemed so misleading, since the anime motto is 'Gotta Catch'em All,' since Ash only catches a total of 9 kinds of pokemon, and loses 3 of them, in some ways, I understood the message about the difference between pokemon like family and treating them like property.  Also figured, even though the opening showed what looked like Ash catching some of those pokemon, the animators probably didn't want to go through the trouble of keeping track of so many pokemon, or unintentionally favorites with certain pokemon.  One thing I didn't like too much about the show is how Ash easily hands over Primeape to somebody he did better in a tournament in, after earning his respect, or promising to return to get Pidgeot after he returns from a journey, yet both are long forgotten.  One thing that always bothered me is that they never explained what was so special about Ash in the first place, except for his goofy nature and simple mindedness when it comes to Pokémon, they never fully explained wither he has a connection to legendary and mythical pokemon, or his ability with aura, or how he always seems to be a chosen one in just everywhere he goes, at least, from the Kanto to the Sinnoh arcs, ever since BW, seems like those subjects were dropped completely, and I don't think the whole Ash-Greninja thing was ever explained, except maybe, as an excuse to not give Ash a mega stone to use mega evolution.  And finally, the one thing I'm curious about, is what exactly is Ash's goal at the moment?  Because 20 years ago, it was simple, Ash wanted to become a Pokémon Master, and Ash losing some of the official tournaments is a way to help with character development, but somewhere halfway through Johto, you don't seem to hear about that anymore, like Ash is just seeing the world, and trying out new things in each region, and anything else, is only good for that one region, like Ash actually getting a girlfriend with Serena, but by Sun and Moon, chances are, Ash might not remember that one bit.


Well, that's it for me, like I said, feel free to share, and keep it clean.

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01 April 2017 - 11:04 PM




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What I really liked about the anime is how much it expanded the world of Pokemon. For example my favorite episode was the one where a trainer had been training a sandshrew to withstand water by making it swim. This showed that pokemon could adapt beyond just their type. I found that to be inspiring and kind of wish that kind of thing was in the actual games. 

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