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Loading stalls at 81%? A quick solution has been found!

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Hello Trainers,


We have heard reports lately about the game stalling while loading at 81%. A solution has been found and a support article has been made for this issue. Please follow the instructions below if you are having similar issues.



Loading Stalls At 81%


Sometimes when you log out of The Trading Card Game Online, but do not close the game client, it will not load fully upon signing back in. Most commonly, this leads to the loading stalling at 81% and not proceeding any further. 

If you encounter this, the best fix is to close out of the game entirely and launch it again. You can prevent this by closing out of the game client entirely when you are done playing.



This thread was created from a new Knowledge Base article located in the Pokémon Support Portal.


If you need any further assistance with this issue, please feel free to open a support ticket by clicking the support portal link in my signature, or by visiting http://pokemon.com/support .

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