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New Version 2.43 This Week + New Versus Season and Spring Tins

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15 March 2017 - 12:42 AM



    TPCi Staff

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Hello Trainers!
With another week comes another update on what is happening in the Pokémon TCG Online.  Here is this week's list:

  • St. Patrick's Login Event on March 17 
  • New game version 2.43 launching on Thursday, March 16
  • Code Card support for Pokémon TCG: Legends of Alola Tins
  • New Versus Ladder Rewards!

St. Patrick's Login Event on March 17

Just for fun (because we can) we invite you to log into the Pokémon TCG Online from March 16 at 5 PM Pacific (midnight UTC) through March 18 at Noon Pacific to receive a couple of Pokémon cards.  Will these cards rock your world?  Well, no.  But, they may bring you the luck of the Irish!

New Game Version 2.43: Deploying on Thursday, March 16
Our next game version, 2.43, is focused on addressing known issues with the game and improving the display of foil effects.  
Foil Effects:
In the current game, foil effects can sometimes be hard to see.  This is in part due to the fact that the "shimmer" effect is based on where your mouse cursor is.  This is changing in version 2.34.  This is very much a work in progress, as the team started from the latest set, Sun & Moon and working backwards.  In 2.34, cards through XY - Primal Clash will be updated.  There are still the rest of the XY sets and then all of the Black & White and HeartGold & SoulSilver sets to be done in future versions.
In 2.34 we wanted foils to be more noticeable.  For the cards improvements have been applied to, I believe we have achieved that goal.  For some cards, things might be a little over the top, but we didn't want that to hold up the other great improvements.  For example: foil energy cards are ones that I think could use some tuning back in future versions.


The static image doesn't do the effect justice (in that it shimmers and moves in game).  
Expect that more work will continue on improving card effects in future versions, as well as applying those improved effects to more of the cards available in game. 
Known Issues:
Much of the work done in version 2.43 was to address our list of known issues.  Over the years, this list has grown.  While many of them are minor they do add up to have impact on the user experience.  Look for a robust list of bug fixes and a much shorter known issues list when version 2.43 launches.  
This work is also ongoing.  Over our next several versions (we do new versions every 6 weeks or so) we are devoting more time to system improvements, bug fixes and addressing known issues over new feature development.  
Thursday, March 16
Look for version 2.43 to launch on Thursday, March 16th.

Code Card support for Pokémon TCG: Legends of Alola Tins
If you are looking to enter a code card and get a full 60 card deck, look no further than the Legends of Alola Tins.  Codes will be able to be redeemed in the Pokémon TCG Online on March 17.  We will also be posting a separate article, as we have for past tins, that include the contents of the 60 card decks.

New Versus Ladder Rewards!

The Versus Ladder rolls over to new rewards on Friday, March 17.  What EX do you think will be featured in this next ladder?  


Thanks, as always, for being part of the Pokémon TCG Online community.  


We invite you to post your thoughts to the Feedback Forum (note: you must be logged in to view or post to the Feedback Forum).

Alex Leary
Pokémon TCG Online

Live Operations Senior Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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