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Development Update + 24 Ticket tournament This Weekend

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07 March 2017 - 12:33 AM



    TPCi Staff

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Hello Trainers!
It is that time again for another update with what is happening in the Pokémon TCG Online.
We will review a few things, including:

  • New Game Version 2.43, planned for mid-March
  • 24 Ticket Tournament this weekend
  • Update to improve the quality of Matchmaking
  • What's coming to the Shop for this week's bundle

First, let's talk about the 24 Ticket Tournament event planned for this weekend.

24 Ticket Expanded Format Tournament

Start:12 Noon Pacific (8 PM UTC) on Friday, March 10
End: 12 Noon Pacific (8 PM UTC) on Monday, March 13

24 Ticket Rewards:

1st Place - 24 Ticket:

  • 12 Sun & Moon tradeable 10 card booster packs.
  • 8 random tradeable 10 card booster packs.

2nd Place - 24 Ticket:

  • Sun & Moon tradeable 10 card booster packs.
  • 4 random tradeable 10 card booster packs.

3rd - 4th Place - 24 Ticket:

  • Sun & Moon tradeable 10 card booster packs.
  • 2 random tradeable 10 card booster packs.

5th - 8th Place - 24 Ticket:

  • Four Uncommon Chest
  • 200 Trainer Tokens

24 Ticket tournaments give someone with a good amount of tickets the shot at 3 times the rewards over our regular 8 Ticket tournament structure.  Bring your top deck, as competition is typically fierce in these tournaments!
Update to Improve the Quality of Versus Matchmaking
When you play a Versus game, the game server will attempt to match you up with an opponent of similar skill using a hidden rating system.  On Friday, March 3rd we made a server configuration change to allow that matchmaking system to take a little bit longer to match you up, but thereby try and find a better match for you.  
So far, this update looks to have been successful.  Matching times are taking a little bit longer, but resulting in a closer match.  For most people this is maybe another second or two, or for those with extreme hidden ratings possibly longer, but result in more closely matched opponents.
We are always looking at the game's health, including matchmaking, to provide the best experience possible!
Shop Item Coming March 8
As a regular course of our content, we strive to introduce a new bundle to the Shop weekly.  As a sneak peek at this coming week content, look for a returning Bundle that includes product from the HeartGold & SoulSilver set.
New Game Version 2.43, Coming Mid-March
Our next major game update is currently planned for March 15th: version 2.43.
As we have mentioned in previous updates our focus for 2.43 is cleaning up our Known Issues list, addressing bugs and improving processes and automation to help the team be more efficient and bug free in the future.
While 2.43 is still in work, the current tally of Known Issues addressed is close to 40.  We'll have all the details for you when 2.43 goes live.
Improved Foil Effects in 2.43
For a while now the Pokémon TCG Online Team has been working on improvements to the card foil effects.  In version 2.43 all cards in the Standard format that have a foil effect will have that effect revisited and improved. 
Besides the foil effects themselves changing, the team has also invested in more tools to manage and implement foil effects, resulting in greater control over how foil effects are displayed.
We think you'll like the improvement.  We look forward to your feedback on foil effects when version 2.43 goes live.  
In future versions we will roll these foil improvements back over cards from the Expanded format and then Legacy format.


As always, we appreciate your involvement in the Pokémon TCG Online game and community.  If you have comments about this post, please visit the Feedback Forum.  


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Alex Leary
Pokémon TCG Online

Live Operations Senior Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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