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Pokemon Adventures anime

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02 March 2017 - 05:12 AM



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Hey folks, not sure if anybody ever read them, but started reading the Pokemon Adventures manga, which is a series that came out about a year after Pokemon Red and Blue, or in Japan, would be Pokemon Red and Green, that is based exclusively off the video games, to where it pretty much almost follows the same rules, but it's way darker when compared to the anime, like the evil twin, or polar opposite, so to speak.  Anyway, can't help but wonder what it would have been like if that story got turned into an anime, although the rating would be higher then what the anime is now, due to how dark it is.  Sure, there is Origins and Generations, but that is more like, a big rush job, and also, tends to leave a few things out when they tell their story, but with Adventure, if started from the original RBY, further back then with Origins starting with FRLG, along with the fact that all three starter pokemon have trainers, and one of them is a girl, well, should be an interesting story, and something different compared to Ash's story, with the overused reset button.

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03 March 2017 - 01:29 AM



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HECK to the YEAH!  I consider those mangas to be the most accurate representation of the Pokémon world, and follow Kusaka's interpretations above all but my own.  The way he manages to explain everything about the Pokéarth without making it a textbook is wonderful, and the story has so few plot holes that Origins would ragequit in a TCGO match.  :D 

It would be interesting to see the story(s) animated, though honestly I think they fit the medium of paper better than they would a computer screen.  But it would be very cool to see.

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