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Update on Rotom Dex and Next Game Version

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08 February 2017 - 08:29 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Samhayne

Hello Trainers,


I have a few updates for you.


Rotom Dex Bug Fix


Regarding the coming fix for Rotom Dex SUM #131, that is currently suspended from play as per http://forums.pokemo...ending-bug-fix/


The nature of the bug with Rotom Dex is such that a new client version and not just a server update, are needed to correct it.   This will be client version 2.42.4.  Client updates are a bit more work, involve more testing and also involve submission through Apple for the iPad client update.  Because of this, we are currently looking at it going live sometime next week, possibly Feb. 15 or 16. 


Again, our apologies for the bug and our thanks for your patience and understanding while the fix is prepared.


Next Game Update, version 2.43


Work on our next game update, version 2.43, is already underway.  There are no big feature additions planned for 2.43.  


The focus for 2.43 is cleaning up our Known Issues list and improving processes and automation to help the team be more efficient in future.  While the lack of major feature improvements may seem less than fun now, it should pay out with more that our development team can do over the course of this year and beyond.


2.43 is currently planned for mid March.


Currently, we anticipate that we'll make a good dent in our Known Issues, we won't get all of them in 2.43.  We plan for 8 major version updates to the Pokémon TCG Online in a year: 4 to support new card expansions and 4 in between expansions.  2.44 is the next expansion and 2.45 is planned to continue this clean up work.  


All of that is to say, while there may not be big new developments in the short term, you can expect the game to be more robust and bug free.  


As always, I appreciate your time spent playing the Pokémon TCG Online and being part of our community.


If you have feedback, I invite you to join us in the Feedback Forum (you need to be logged in to view or post in the Feedback Forum).



Alex Leary
Pokémon TCG Online

Live Operations Senior Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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