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Get Started in the Standard Format

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06 October 2016 - 08:48 PM




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Find out which decks are being played in Standard Format this season!


The season is fresh with the rollout of the Standard format rotation and we're already seeing exciting new decks and styles of play! Big hitting attackers, Mega Pokémon-EX, & crucial item cards that haven't seen much play before are starting to shine!

Let's take a look at some competitive deck ideas and strategies to help kickstart your season in the right direction!


Hard Hitting Mega Rayquaza-EX Deck
First up, we have the extremely fast and hard hitting Mega Rayquaza-EX. This legendary Pokémon had potential last season but cards such as Seismitoad-EX and Joltik mostly prevented Rayquaza from excelling in competitive play. With the combination of Rayquaza Spirit Link, Mega Turbo, and Double Colorless Energy & the help of Δ Evolution Ancient Trait, you can have a fully ready to attack Mega Rayquaza-EX in a single turn! Add in the Sky Field Stadium card to increase your bench from 5 to 8 total Pokémon and you're looking at 240 damage with Emerald Break! If you're looking for fast exciting play, this type of deck might be the way to go!



Fast and Powerful Darkrai-EX Deck
Another powerful deck features an all time favorite Darkrai-EX! Darkrai's Dark Pulse attack does 20+ 20 more damage for each Dark energy attached to all of your Pokémon. With the help of Yveltal powering up your bench, Double Dragon energy attached to Giratina-EX, and a refreshing Max Elixir, you can deal serious damage consistently. Giratina-EX is an amazing addition to this deck. Its Renegade Pulse Ability keeps it safe from Mega Evolution Pokémon, and its attack deals a nice amount of damage while keeping your opponent from playing Tools, Special Energy, or Stadium cards during their next turn. If you want a deck that flows with synergy, give Darkrai-EX a try!



Trainer Lock Vileplume Deck
There's nothing oddish about this next deck! Trainer lock decks have always been an interesting choice to play and in some seasons THE deck to beat! Sam Hough had success at Worlds with a rather unusual deck that could remain strong this season. Vileplume's Irritating Pollen Ability disables each player from using item cards which can leave your opponent in a fairly bad spot if their deck is catered to crucial item cards. Forest of Giant Plants can help to evolve Vileplume faster than ever. The deck build listed uses a few of Eevee's evolutions and other Pokémon such as Regice and Magearna to help lock down most situations. The use of Rainbow Energy in the deck allows players to experiment with other Pokémon choices as attackers. If you're looking for a different way to win, maybe Vileplume is the deck for you!



Want more Standard Deck ideas?

We've just begun to explore exciting decks and strategies for the new season. If you would like to see more deck ideas, Hoppip over to the official Pokémon website and check out the article over getting started in the standard format!


For more Pokémon TCG strategy articles, please visit http://www.pokemon.c.../#/tcg-strategy

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