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Server Update | June 23, 2016

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23 June 2016 - 07:53 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Mathis

On Thursday, June 23rd the game server was updated with the following fixes:


Bug Fixes

  • Delcatty (XY #105): The Energy Salon attack can no longer be used while no Energy is attached to Delcatty.
  • Marowak (FCO #37): The Bodyguard Ability should now consistently prevent effects that shuffle the owner's hand into the deck.

Gameplay: General

  • With the exception of Golurk (AOR #35), Pokémon with the Theta Stop Ancient Trait should now be properly protected from the effects of the opponent's Pokémon's Abilities.

Gameplay: Versus

  • Matchmaking should no longer fail if the selected deck includes Sky Field (ROS #89).

Known Issues

  • Golurk (AOR #35): Ancient Trait Theta Stop does not prevent the Garbotoxin Ability (Garbodor, BKP #57) from affecting Golurk.

Mike Liesik
Pokémon TCG Online Associate Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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