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2.37 Patch Notes | June 20, 2016

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20 June 2016 - 04:32 PM



    TPCi Staff

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Version 2.37 Patch Notes

  • A deck or discard pile search that includes different types of cards is now completed in a single selection popup, rather than a separate popup for each card type.
  • A status effect indicator now appears next to the avatar of a player affected by a status effect.
  • The deck validation window now checks for cards that are not legal in the selected format, rather than cards that are only legal in the selected format.
  • Decks in the Theme Decks tab are now consistently ordered chronologically by release date.
  • A more detailed description of an active Challenge’s completion requirements can be viewed by clicking an Info button next to that Challenge.
  • Booster packs and theme decks have been split into separate tabs.
  • The contents of a theme deck can now be viewed by selecting the View Deck option.
  • The info popup for booster packs now includes a shortcut to view the full expansion in the Collection.
  • Improved the overall pacing of the tutorial.
  • Reduced the tutorial from 7 matches to 5 matches.

Alex Leary
Pokémon TCG Online

Live Operations Senior Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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20 June 2016 - 04:55 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Mathis

Bug Fixes


  • Accelgor (DEX #11): Playing an Accelgor that had previously been shuffled into the deck via the Deck and Cover attack no longer prevents the match from proceeding properly.
  • Arbok (XY #48): The effect of the Gastro Acid attack is now properly applied after doing damage to the Defending Pokémon.
  • Arceus (PR #XY83): This card is now properly appears when the Full Art filter is enabled.
  • Audino (BCR #126): The Busybody Ability name now properly appears when playing Audino.
  • Banette (ROS #32): The Evolution Jammer attack now creates a status effect indicator on all affected Pokémon.
  • Caterpie (FLF #1): The Adaptive Evolution Ability is now properly suppressed by Silent Lab (PRC #140).
  • Colress (PLS #118, 135): The warning prompt for this card no longer appears when the number of cards that will be drawn is the same number of cards currently in the hand.
  • Electrode (ROS #22): The effect of the Energy Bomb attack now properly moves all of the Energy off of Electrode.
  • Espeon (UD #90): The Solar Suggestion attack now moves the proper amount of damage counters.
  • Exploud (FCO): The status effect indicator for the Cacophony attack now displays the proper text when the affected Pokémon is zoomed.
  • Floral Crown (GEN #RC26): The correct art now displays on the tool pip while this card is in play.
  • Fossil Excavation Kit (FCO #101): This card can now be played while only 1 eligible card is in the discard pile.
  • Fossil Researcher (FFI #92): The number of Restored Pokémon that can be selected is now properly limited to 2.
  • Golurk (AOR #35): The Theta Stop Ancient Trait now properly prevents Golurk from being affected by the Garbotoxin Ability (Garbodor, BKP #57).
  • Granbull (COL #26): Damage from the Timid Tackle attack is now properly applied before Granbull is moved to the Bench.
  • Inkay (XY #74): The Upside-Down Evolution Ability can now be used on the first turn.
  • Legend Box (UD #75): Revealed Energy cards are now consistently attached to the appropriate Pokémon.
  • Level Ball (AOR #76): The animation for playing this card no longer returns to the hand briefly before it is sent to the discard pile.
  • Liepard (PLS #84): A warning popup is now generated if the Bench is empty when the Support card selected with the Silent Claw attack would return Liepard to the hand.
  • Manectric (PRC #61): Applied an errata text to the German version of this card.
  • Marowak (FCO #37): The Bodyguard Ability no longer incorrectly prevents damage from the Power Howl attack (Salamence, ROS #57).
  • Mawile Spirit Link (PR #XY105): The correct art now displays on the tool pip while this card is in play.
  • Mew-EX (DRX #46, 120): The Versatile Ability no longer allows Mew-EX to be counted in the damage calculation for the Round attack.
  • Pichu (HS #28): The effect of the Sweet Sleeping Face Poké-Body now ends properly when the Pichu becomes Paralyzed or Confused.
  • Power Memory (FCO #108): The correct art now displays on the tool pip while this card is in play.
  • Solosis (BLW #55): The proper prompt text now appears when the Cell Culture attack is used while the Bench is full.
  • Team Rocket's Handiwork (FCO #112, 124): This card can no longer be played for no effect when there are no cards remaining in the opponent's deck.
  • Twist Mountain (DEX #101): This card's effect can no longer be used while the Bench is full.
  • Umbreon (PLF #64): The Dark Shade Ability now consistently applies to Pokémon with Team Plasma Badge (PLF #104) attached.
  • Umbreon (UD 86): A warning popup is now generated if the Bench is empty when the Cloud-Covered Moon Poké-Power is selected.
  • Vibrava (FFI #75): The proper reveal window is now displayed when the opponent uses the Charge Energy attack.
  • Weakness Policy (PRC #142): Attacks which ignore effects on the Defending Pokémon now properly ignore the effect of Weakness Policy.


  • All daily timers now consistently reset at midnight UTC.
  • Resolved an issue which occasionally caused tooltips to appear behind a popup window, rather than in front of it.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the game from launching if the localization files became corrupted.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the game from updating properly when a new version was released.

Gameplay: General

  • Improved messaging for the Mega Evolution rules reminder to account for Spirit Link cards.
  • Rapidly selecting and releasing a basic Pokémon at the start of a match no longer causes the game client to become unresponsive.
  • Rapidly selecting and releasing a card during gameplay no longer causes the card to become stuck above the playmat and prevent the match from progressing.
  • Resolved an issue which caused occasionally caused the Done button to become inactive in the selection window.
  • Resolved an issue which occasionally caused graphical errors to occur when rapidly clicking or tapping on cards in a selection window.
  • Several deck boxes now appear on the playmat with the correct art, rather than a placeholder image.
  • The selection highlight for actions that target Energy cards in play now properly appears around Evolved Pokémon with attached Energy.
  • The selection window now allows the card being played to be zoomed.
  • To reduce the amount of hidden information revealed to the opponent, the match no longer automatically progresses after the last Pokémon in the hand is placed on the Bench during setup.
  • To reduce the amount of hidden information revealed to the opponent, the match no longer automatically progresses when an attack which allows Energy to be attached to a Pokémon is used while no Energy is in the hand.
  • When multiple effects are triggered simultanously, optional effects now resolve before mandatory effects.

Gameplay: Versus

  • Resolved a rare issue which caused a user leaving the Versus matchmaking queue to be automatically returned to the queue.

Gameplay: Tutorial

  • Resolved an issue that could prevent an account from progressing past the opening dialog of the tutorial.

Cards: Collection

  • Items in the Energy and Gameplay tabs are now ordered properly when sorting is set to Type.
  • Rarities have been assigned to cards from Trainer Kits to help with filtering.
  • The deck boxes for decks from the Shiny Kalos Tins now use the proper art assets.
  • The For Trade tag is now automatically removed when the only remaining copies of an item in collection are trade locked.
  • All Full Art cards should now consistently appear when the Full Art filter is selected.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Deck stats now properly update after each match.
  • Dragon-type Pokémon are now consistently sorted in the proper order when List View is selected.
  • The deck format filters now properly apply to the Expanded View popup.


  • The Trainer Token balance now automatically updates when Trainer Tokens are earned on Pokemon.com.


  • Improved scroll bar behavior when switching between tabs in the Social menu.


  • Implemented a maximum framerate cap on the Best Looking setting.

Mike Liesik
Pokémon TCG Online Associate Producer
The Pokémon Company International

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