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Regarding Android Phones

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12 July 2018 - 10:03 PM




  • Mod_RedDragon

на каком телефоне лучше всего идет игра

Hey there!
You can check out the minimum requirements at the link below for each system. The online game is available for Mac, PC, and iOS/Android tablets. 

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12 September 2018 - 04:42 AM



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  • jasonz2z
I also wish this was more easily accesable like on your phone. Tablets are a good step but ppl are buying less of them in favor of smart phones, heck almost everyone has one now. Think of it I coulda play it on my break at work, lunch at school/college, anywhere I'm spending leisure time. These are all the same reaosons why Pokemon Go was so succesful. Fans have been asking for this for years and it would be nice if someone up there listened to the community but we get nothing really other than we'll let them know and silence. I love this game a lot but I'm afraid this sort of linear communication is what discouragous a lot of players from the game. Now other tcgs have their own online apps like yugioh-Duel Links, MTG-Battle Arena, WOW TCG-Hearthstone, even newer tcgs likes Cardfight Vanguard, Shadowverse and Dragonball Super that has only been around for a couple yrs alrdy has their own digital card games and the list goes on.
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