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Who Got Lucky?

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27 September 2018 - 03:57 AM



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  • LegendofZapdos5

Decided to go down to poke-town to test my lucky skills today.......


RH Alolan Raichu

RH Alolan Exeggutor


RH Salazzle

RH Manectric

RH Solgaleo

Prism Jirachi


What a REVERSE night im having tonight! ^________^

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06 October 2018 - 10:37 PM



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  • LegendofZapdos5

What's New my fellow Poke-Fans!


Wanted to try my luck today soooo let's see how it goes.....


RH Deoxys

RH Metagross

Tate & Liza FA (In fighting mode)

RH Lunala

Electrode GX (Giving away EXTRA energy)


Anybody else get lucky also? Maybe in battle or just opening packs or in a trade-let's hear about that Juicy-Luck! ^_____^

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Yesterday, 11:31 PM



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  • LegendofZapdos5

Another BEAUTIFUL day here in pokemon stadium! (Where did i get THAT idea from LOL!)


RH Xurkitree

Life Herb SR (Now that's what I call-GOLDEN HEALING!)

Prism Jirachi

Mr Mime GX (Life full of TRICKS-isen't it!)

RH Delcatty

Palossand GX (Why I would want to go to the beach!)

RH Registeel


Scizor GX (Steel-CUTTERS anyone!)

Marshadow GX (Pulled it from an uncommon chest-YEAH!!!)


Also wanted to thank the Poke-Gods for the 2 Darkrai GX and the Full Art Guzma that I have acquired from the vs ladder. They are both quite expensive to get.


I sure hope you all are getting LUCKY like I am! ^_____________^

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