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Dev Update: 5 Card to 10 Card Shop Booster Change & more about v 2.34

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22 January 2016 - 11:48 PM



    TPCi Staff

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Hello Trainers!


We are rapidly approaching the launch of the next Pokémon TCG expansion: XY-BREAKpoint and the release of our next game client, version 2.34 all coming on Wednesday, February 3rd.  The development team is very busy testing this new version and working to have it ready for you. 


I want to preview some other changes that will be coming in version 2.34:


Shop Booster Packs changing from 5 card to 10 card


When version 2.34 goes live, all booster packs obtained through gameplay, including booster packs obtained from Daily Challenges and from the daily login reward, will be changed to 10 card packs.  Also, 10 card booster packs will become available in the shop for 200 Trainer tokens.  5 card booster packs will no longer be available in the Shop.


First Time Code Redemption Bonus: 2 Extra Booster Packs!


After version 2.34 goes live, any player who redeems a Code Card from a physical Pokémon TCG product will receive an extra bonus of two additional booster packs for their first redemption! 


iOS: Scan Code Cards with your Camera


Version 2.34 will allow iPad players to use their camera to scan Code Cards in for redemption.  Stop typing and start snapping photos!


Tool-Icons With Art




The wrench icon for attached tools will be replaced in version 2.34 with a thumbnail view of the art from that tool.  In this photo, the Gyarados-EX has an attached float stone.


Chat Improvements

The systems that drive our chat interface have been refactored to improve client performance and resolve a number of bugs in version 2.34.


Trade Tags


In version 2.34, trade tags will revert back to staying on until you remove them, rather than auto-removing after you receive one or more of that card. 


Join us for launch on Feb. 3rd and receive a booster!


Besides the above, we have a number of other refinements and bug fixes coming in version 2.34.  We will have full patch notes available on February 3rd when 2.34 goes live. 


You’ll also want to be sure to log in and check it out on the 3rd, as we will grant any account logging in for 24 hours after the new version is live a free 10 card XY-BREAKpoint booster pack!


We’ll see you online!

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