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Dev Update: New Holo Treasure Chest in next Versus Ladder

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16 January 2016 - 05:16 PM



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Hello Trainers,
The Versus Ladder rewards are rotating this coming Friday, Jan. 22.  Included in the new Versus Ladder will be a new item: the Holo Treasure Chest.  The Holo Treasure Chest is similar to the current Uncommon Chests, in that when opened, the Holo Treasure Chest will give you an amount of Trainer Tokens and a Pokémon Card.
The big difference is in the rarity of the card obtained.  The Uncommon Chest contains an Uncommon up to possibly a Rare or EX card.  The Holo Treasure Chest, as it's name implies, will have the card it includes be at minimum a Rare Holo and even possibly an EX, Rare Ultra or Secret Rare!


Look for the new Versus Reward Ladder to start on Friday, January 22nd!

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