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Producer's Letter: New v2.32 Play Experience Discussion


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13 November 2015 - 08:46 PM



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  • theBsharps

Wish I would have checked out this board earlier to get my comments near the top but I hope someone is listening.  As I've skimmed over these pages of comments, my feelings of the update are about the same.  Compared to what we had before, this is a DINOSAUR!  It's slower than molassas and just feels like a step backwards, except for the graphics. 


And since we're on the topic, GREAT GRAPHICS except for the coin flipping process.  You say this is more like a real-life TCG game??  Not the coin flip part.  In a real game that process takes 4-6 seconds?!  How about distributing cards WHILE the coin flip is going on.  Have you watched TCG games?  They are fast paced and fun, this update and exciting and sllllooooooooowww... That slow has killed the fun. 


My other suggestion is to allow a 3-tier animation option that ALL USERS must acknowledge at first login.  Full animation, moderate animation, and minimal animation.  Removing all animation would actually cause that user's experience seem like the other player (who might have full animation) is taking forever.  Oddly though, I do enjoy the fact you can't click through animation, but give us a compromise here and shorten the time it takes for many of the animations. 

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14 November 2015 - 05:22 AM




  • Mega_Mewthree

Why is everything so small when there is plenty of unused space???

Another failed experiment in a lab...


sudo woodo ./*

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14 November 2015 - 11:11 PM



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  • _hey_you_

- I can understand the need for "click and drag" on a touch screen device.  It would be pretty handy in that scenario.  For the rest of the world, it's an absolute pain in the neck...I mean, finger/wrist/hand.  


- The animations, even if shortened from initial launch, still drag a game on to what seems like no end.


- The game "table"  looks rather squashed and mashed together on most screens.  Some, emphasis on 'some'  mobile screens look ok with the squished up play table.   The rest of us have to pretty much squint at the screen to see what's goin on.  The mouse-hover to enlarge a card is beyond a nuissiance.  It's down right discracting to mouse over your deck and have to wait for the UI to blow up each card as you pass over it.   Heaven forbid you move the mouse too fast and have to wait for the UI to light up your intended card, only to have the one you click on be the 3rd or 4th card away from it because of the lag on the UI's part.   Having the entire screen shake is bound to cause someone and epileptic epsiode.  And that is NOT a good thing.  Ever.


- Here's the way fix this:   give players the ability to turn things on or off in the following departments - animations, mouse-hover, and of course, the click-and-drag.  You might also want to work on better screen-resolution /settings  dectection for the game client.    A  laptop, mobile device, and a desktop  do not each share the same universal screen size that this game client seems to think it does.  After you have those points worked out, then you can work on some of the glamorous things like game art or such. 

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15 November 2015 - 01:53 AM



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  • phalanx1337

yea.. been playing ladder a fair bit.. its getting beyond silly.

some games taking 20 minutes because people are lagging/slow and animations.

done 3 battles just now.. recorded a couple of wins... only 20 ladder points gained in 20-30 minutes.

we already need 10 or so a day.. so that's 100 minutes if you win 10 of 10 games (on average of 10 minutes) , and as you wont...

yea its a bit bonkers, and when doing dailies, its not always a desirable deck for winning games so that is sometimes, added extras.


oh and in deck builder, before i forget, the stupid flashing effect on the selected card covers up the number of cards of that type you own.

which defies the point of having the number :rolleyes: .

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