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In Development: XY Basic Decks, XY - BREAKthrough & More!

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28 September 2015 - 11:09 PM



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Hello Trainers,
I want to update you with a behind the scenes look at what the Pokémon TCG Online team is working on.
Next Client Version 2.32
The next major game update, version 2.32, will come out on November 4th.  This version will include support for the exciting new expansion XY - BREAKthrough.  Click here to read more about XY - BREAKthrough.


XY Basic Theme Deck Balance

In version 2.32 we also plan to make some balance changes to the XY Basic Blue, XY Basic Red and XY Basic Green theme decks that were introduced in version 2.31. Currently, these decks are a little too good, when compared with other available theme decks. The planned changes will pull their relative power back some. Look for details in the 2.32 patch notes when that version goes live.
Unlimited Tournaments Suspended
With the Shiftry turn 1 win currently an issue with Unlimited game play, we have suspended Tournaments in that format until a deeper resolution to that issue can be put in place.  Simply banning the card from Unlimited is not planned, since the card is still available from boosters and there needs to be somewhere that the card is valid.  Thanks in advance for your patience while a comprehensive solution is implemented.
More Version 2.32 Details in October

The Pokémon TCG Online team is hard at work on additional improvements that are currently planned to be included in version 2.32. I am very excited for what is being worked on, however we are not quite ready to reveal the details yet. So, please stay tuned for a big announcement in mid October.


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