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Dev Update: XY - Ancient Origins, Deck List Sharing and Client 2.30

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24 July 2015 - 01:05 AM



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Hello Trainers,
I want to give you another update about our ongoing development efforts for the TCG Online.
XY - Ancient Origins Expansion:
As you may already be aware, the XY - Ancient Origins TCG expansion will go live on August 12th.  Click the following link to learn more about this expansion on Pokemon.com
New Client Version 2.30
On August 12th, we will also release a new TCGO client, version 2.30.  Besides support for XY - Ancient Origins, this new version will also include a number of refinements and bug fixes.  Chief among the changes is the new Deck List sharing feature.
Deck List Sharing
When version 2.30 goes live, you will be able to easily share your decklists with your friends.  Here is how it works.
Deck List Sharing is a new feature added to the Deck Manager
1 Deck manager_sm.jpg
When you view a deck, you will be able to choose to Export that deck.
2 export deck.png
When you export it, a list of the contents of what is in that deck will be copied to your computers' clipboard or copy buffer.
3 deck exported_sm.jpg
In my example, I then opened up a text editor and hit Paste.  The text list of my deck is then pasted in.  In this case, it is the Blaziken-EX deck from the Summer Hoenn Tin.
4 deck in notepad_sm.jpg
Now, say I want to make some changes.  I can easily do those changes in the text editor and then import that list back into the game.  In this case, I reduced the number of Blaziken-EX to 1 and increased the number of Pyroar to 3 (just for fun).
Then I highlight the text of the deck list in the text editor and copy it.  This puts the deck list back into the clipboard or copy buffer.
Back in the game, I go to the Deck Manager, choose to create a New Deck and then to Import.
5 import_sm.jpg
The Import process pulls in the contents of what is in the clipboard or copy buffer to make a new deck.  Here we can see that I don't have all 3 Pyroar, as it shows the 3rd as greyd out.
6 imported with 3 Pyroar_sm.jpg
There are a whole host of possible uses of this new Deck List Sharing feature.  We are very excited for the possibilities! 
For example, you could import the list of a friend's deck, flag the cards you don't have (that will be displayed as greyd out) as wanted for trade.  You can then go about trading for the cards you are missing to make your friend's deck.
I look forward to reading your thoughts about this new feature.  Please join us on the Feedback Forum!

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