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Dev Update: New Tutorial and XY Basic Yellow Deck in Version 2.29

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09 July 2015 - 03:37 AM



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Hello Trainers,
Following the recent update about the timing of our next client version 2.29, I have had a number of questions asking about the coming new XY Basic Yellow deck.  So today I want to give you more information about the revised Tutorial, where you will obtain access to this new basic deck once version 2.29 goes live later this month.
Anyone can play the new Tutorial in version 2.29
When version 2.29 goes live later this month, anyone will be able to play through the updated Tutorial and obtain the rewards found there, including the new XY Basic Yellow deck.  New accounts will, of course, start right into this Tutorial.
In version 2.29, to access the Tutorial, you simply go to the Play button on the new home page and choose Tutorial from the drop down.
landing page_sm.jpg
Once you are in the Tutorial you will have 7 different opponents to face as you progress through the Tutorial, denoted by the progress ladder at the bottom of the interface.  You start off facing Zach.
Tutorial 1_sm.jpg
Each opponent will have a one time reward.  Once you win a game against them, you will receive that stage's reward and move on to the next trainer.
Tutorial 2_sm.jpg
Tutorial 3_sm.jpg


Tutorial 4_sm.jpg
As you progress through the Tutorial you will move to play with the new Yellow deck.  By the time you complete the Tutorial you will have unlocked the XY Basic Yellow deck and have obtained 250 Trainer tokens and an XY - Roaring Skies booster pack!


You will be able to come back and replay the Tutorial at anytime.  However, the rewards from the Tutorial will only be able to be obtained one time.
I know many of you are keen to know the exact contents of the cards contained in the XY Basic Yellow deck, but I don't want to spoil it and rob you of the fun of discovery!  For that information, you will have to wait until client version 2.29 is live and play for yourself to find out!
New Daily Challenge Icons
One other refinement that is going into coming client version 2.29 is the addition of icons to Daily Challenge tiles to denote what game mode you can complete that Daily Challenge in.  Below is an example:
new daily challenge icons_sm2.png
This challenge to knock out 5 opposing Pokémon with your Grass Pokémon can be completed in the Trainer Challenge (denoted by the star), Versus (denoted by the lightning bolt) or Tournaments (denoted by the trophy).
The use of these icons also frees up the room at the top of the Daily Challenge tile to give challenges names.  This one is called "Splinter."  We wanted to add in names to make them more easy to refer to.  Also, naming challenges will be important as we continue to refine challenges in the future.
That's all I have for you today.  If all goes well with our continued testing and final work on client version 2.29 I should have an update on timing next week.
As always, thank you for playing the Pokémon TCG Online and being part of our community!




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