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Dev Update: Versus Rewards, New Layout & Stomped Bugs

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13 June 2015 - 12:28 AM



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Hello Trainers!

I want to follow up on last week's Dev Update with more details about the many great things that are coming together for our next game update, version 2.29, coming in July.
Bugs Stomped

Before I get to far into new features, I want to talk about bugs.  A few particular bugs have been very hard for us to track down because they were intermittent and not reproduce-able.  That is to say, when you play X card, bug Y would happen, but when we played X card in testing, bug Y would not happen.  It was like having a skin rash, but when you went to see the doctor, the rash was all gone! 
Well, I have great news.  With version 2.29 the below two bugs should be corrected:

  • The "Inactive Player" pop up sometimes appears when both players are active and forces the match to end.
  • Client can soft lock after the player makes a custom choice selection. 

The team has had a strong focus on bug fixing and I expect the 2.29 client update to be robust in that regard.
Ok, now on to the new stuff!
New Layout and Home Screen
As I mentioned last week, coming client version 2.29 will benefit from several changes intended to streamline how you get around in the game.  
One such change is the addition of a new home screen that you will always come back to.  Below is a screenshot of this new home (please note this is work in progress from our current development build).
The big red image in the lower left is an example of a notification.  You would only see this if say, Tournaments were currently disabled, or something like that.  
On the right is the flyout menu for chat and your friends list.  
The top nav has drop down menus to take you to the different areas of the game.  Here is another shot with the play menu down.
landing with menu.jpg
This main home screen will have rotating images that can have custom blocks of text and an action button on them.  This will allow us to make all the latest news available to you!
Versus Rewards Ladder
As was mentioned last week, when you play Versus games and win, you will accumulate Versus points. As your Versus points accumulate there will be rewards when you reach certain point totals. Here is a screenshot of the new Versus page:
The team is still iterating on the details of progression and rewards, so this progression isn't fully final.  
The bottom half of this screenshot shows the rewards available in this current ladder.  Versus Rewards will rotate out periodically.  In this test version you can see that the countdown timer shows the rewards will rotate in 18 days, 3 hours and 40 minutes.  When the rewards rotate, an all new lineup of rewards will become available and your Versus points will reset.  In this screenshot, I have 0 Versus Points (I need to play some games!).
There are specific cards, Trainer Tokens, Tournament Reward Chests and Tournament Tickets in the ladder of rewards.  This first ladder will feature grass type cards, included 2 opportunities to obtain a Venusaur EX card!  At the very top of this first ladder will be a full art Pokémon Fan Club card.
Versus Deck Selection
When you go to play Versus games in client 2.29 you will have more tools to quickly filter to which deck you want to play.  As you see in the top half of this screenshot, there is a drop down to choose which format deck you are looking for.  On the right hand side, there is another drop down to choose what energy type to filter your decks by.
As a reminder, in version 2.29 you will find Friend Battle functionality in the friends list and Playtesting will be initiated from the Deck Manager.


We are really looking forward to getting client version 2.29 into your hands.  It has a lot of great stuff in it!  Look for more details about the specific launch timing as we get closer to July.



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