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Dev Update: Refining Rewards and Coming Features

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05 June 2015 - 11:24 PM



    TPCi Staff

  • TPCi_Samhayne

With client 2.28.1 out and live we now turn our sights to what is coming in our next client, version 2.29.


Versus battle rewards


In the TCGO there are now more ways than ever to build your collection, including:

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Daily Challenges
  • Special Challenges
  • First play of the day Trainer Token bonus
  • Bonus wheel for playing in Versus and Tournaments
  • Special Events (such as the recent 100 Trainer Token panel on the Victor's Bonus Wheel)
  • Tournaments

In our next game client, version 2.29, we will add another path to obtaining new cards and expanding your collection: Versus battle rewards.


In version 2.29 when you play Versus games and win, you will accumulate Versus points. As your Versus points accumulate there will be rewards when you reach certain point totals. Rewards could include Trainer Tokens, Booster Packs, Tournament Tickets and specific cards, including EX Pokémon and coveted full art cards!


Versus battle rewards will rotate periodically. Currently, we are thinking that this rotation will be over a several week time period. This could change as the feature is refined and iterated on through internal testing.


The development team is still working on this feature. I am looking forward to sharing further details, including what the initial line-up of rewards will be, in future dev update announcements.



Streamlined Navigation


Version 2.29 will include several changes intended to streamline how you get around in game. This includes a central home page with news and smoother transitions to and from different areas. After playing our early builds of 2.29 and experiencing the difference first hand, I think you are really going to enjoy these improvements. Look for more details in coming dev updates.



Friend Battle and Playtesting New Home


Also part of overall streamlining, we are simplifying how you get into playing a match. In version 2.29 you will find Friend Battle functionality in the friends list and Playtesting move to be initiated from the Deck Manager. This makes it clear that Versus mode is only playing against other players. This should remove any potential confusion about where the new Versus points are obtained.



Adding Basic Yellow Deck


In client version 2.29 there is also work being done to improve the new player experience. This includes the addition of a Basic Yellow Deck. This allows for more variety of Daily Challenges through the guarantee that everyone will have a means to tackle Lightning challenges.



Continued Bug Stomping


The Development Team is committed to seeking out and destroying bugs and issues that affect or disrupt gameplay. Version 2.29 will continue to benefit from this focus.


Yet, we can’t do it without you! We need your bug reports and feedback to help guide us to stomp the most bugs possible. Please post here on the forums or visit the Official

Pokémon Support Website to give us your thoughts. Thank you!





The team is still hard at work on version 2.29. We anticipate it will be live in July.


Thanks as always for your continued support!





We invite you to post your feedback to this announcement to the Feedback Forum.

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