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In the Shop: Black & White Bundle

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08 April 2015 - 06:20 PM



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Do you want to rule earth, wind and sky? Your wishes are about to be granted! This bundle includes 3 special foil promo cards plus 3 Booster Packs, so you have true forces to be reckoned with.
Bundle Contains:
• Landorus foil card with art covering the entire card (#BW43)
• Special foil card of Thundurus (#BW41)

• Special foil card of Tornadus (#BW42)
• 1 Call of Legends series booster packs (10 Card)

• 2 Black/White series booster packs (10 Card)



All cards contained in Call of Legends are legal in the unlimited format and cannot be played in Standard or Expanded matches.


All cards contained in Black/White are legal in the Unlimited and Expanded format and cannot be played in Standard format matches.


Available for:
745 Trainer Tokens. (Items purchased with Trainer Tokens are not eligible for trade)
or, 300 Gems in regions where allowed. (Items purchased with Gems are tradeable)
This offer ends April 15th.

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