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24 June 2014 - 07:29 PM



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General: Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.

Chat: A notification icon no longer appears when activity occurs in a public lobby while the Social Corner menu is minimized.

Collection: Trade tag colors have been updated to improve ease of use.

Gameplay: Rewards for completing a Ranked match in Versus Mode or any match in Tournament Mode now include a spin on the Bonus Wheel. This new feature provides users with an opportunity to receive additional Trainer Tokens and Tournament Tickets, or a special Mystery Gift that changes periodically!

Notifications: Multiple notifications can now be cleared in a single action.

Shop: Code cards from the Kalos Power Tin, Pyroar Box, and Krookodile-EX Box can be redeemed in the Shop.

Trade: A screen name search box is now present when creating a Private Trade offer.

Trade: Users searching Public Trade offers can now filter the results to show only offers that contain booster packs.

Trade: Users searching Public Trade offers can now search by card title or by expansion name.

Trainer Challenge: Modifications have been made to some of the decks used by Trainer Challenge opponents.

Trainer Challenge: A progress animation is now played at the end of all Trainer Challenge matches.

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