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07 May 2014 - 07:46 PM



    TPCi Staff

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Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.

Shop: The Pokémon TCG: XY—Flashfire expansion is now available in the game.

Gameplay: Improved interface for coin flips.

Gameplay: Improved messaging on idle timer.

Gameplay: New events for end of match player performance and rewards.

Gameplay: Coin flip results, Ability activation, Energy card attachment, and effects of attacks other than damage are now displayed in the Game Log.

Versus Mode: Matchmaking system updated to improve the quality of pairings.

Tournaments: Improvements to tournament stability and visualization.


General: It may take several minutes for a user who logs into the game client for the first time to see an accurate Tournament Ticket balance.

User Experience: Clicking the button rapidly to skip the dialogue can cause the game to gate.

Deck Manager: Adding any card marked as "New" to a deck will cause the deck to appear as invalid during the current game session. Restarting the game client corrects this issue.

Tournaments: After a tournament completes, the rewards window incorrectly displays booster pack art for Tournament Tickets. This is a cosmetic bug, as users still receive the correct reward distribution.

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Mike Liesik
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