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Decks of the Dawning Era!

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16 June 2011 - 08:36 AM



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  • SanguineYeti
I've been playtesting for weeks, and this is what I've come up with. Feel free to disagree, agree, shriek, and/or otherwise react to these cumulative thoughts.

Best Decks in the Format at this Point:

- ReshiPhlosion - EXTREMELY consistant, even with bad openings. If you've played against me while i used this, you KNOW.

- MagneBoar - VERY strong Mid-late game with RDL attacking and Magnezone draw. If it gets up an early Magnezone, you will be hard pressed to keep up. Throw RDL in the mix and you're down 4 prizes to 1 very often by the start of late-game. Subject to poor draws until magnezone is up, however.

- DonChamp - in a decent game, it's characterized by early earthquakes followed by HUGE champ buster OHKOs and Crazy tag-out shinanigans. bad draw though.

- AggroDonRam/Rom - if it gets the jump on your setup with reversals, pluspowers, item fin- err- junk arms, and earthquakes, you won't know what hit you. actually, you will. Donphan. (partner with Reshi to counter Steelix which otherwise is an auto-loss, or with Zekrom to counter water; also a Very tough matchup)

- WailZone w/ Gatr - surprisingly effective combination. Excellent mid-late game. only a couple bad matchups, and it goes into any fire/donphan matchup with confidence. However, magnezone can get around the seeker/wailord/gatr loop by OHKOing the beast easily. this will hold it back from the top tiers in my opinion, but since magnezone is so expencive, this is a great deck at the local league.

- LostGar - fast, nasty, but relies a little too heavily on luck for my taste. if it zones a key stage 2 early on, or if it is able to lostzone 2 pokemon in one turn (and lost-zoning about 1 the rest of the turns after turn 1) it almost certainly means a win. Few auto losses, but requires even experienced players to stay on their toes and make the best judgement calls.

- SlowMega Disruption - stage ones mean speed. An early slowking followed by a judge to give the opponent bad topdecks can mean utter ruin. HOWEVER, if it falls behind this deck has a TERRIBLE mid-late game. if it even MAKES it to late game..

- Zekrom Donk - can win first turn relatively consistantly. one of, if not The best, early games. decent mid-game. other than that, i personally feel no draw to it because it runs out of steam like your mother's hair curler on a sunday morning.

- Blastoise/Buizel - sets up quickly, and sniping is EXCELLENT this format, but the 100 damage cap really hurts it against anything not fire or donphan.

Honorable Mention:

-Cinccino is fast and hits well, but gets OHKO'd by basically everything in return, and DCE's are only so plentiful.

- Samurott dies to Magnezone and Zekrom, but otherwise is like a better typed, harder to get out, much stronger Donphan. This is SOO close to being tier 1. If water had draw, this would be an EXCELLENT deck heading into nationals.

-Steelix walls many decks once it gets a reuniclus out, but loses pathetically to anything with any fire that can hit for 100 base *coughreshiramcough*, as well as a near auto-loss lostgar matchup.

-Tyranitar has bad draw and sweats bullets at the first sign of a phanpy. good matchups against other decks though. this one is close to being top tier, because mandibuzz makes a great partner, as well as Zoroark.

-Status decks - the idea is a novelty, sure, and they're really fun to play, but one switch and all those statuses mean jack diddly. with relatively weak pokemon, this often means easy OHKOs from machamps,reshirams,zekroms,magnezone, ETC ETC ETC, the former of which has a built in immunity in the form of tag-out.

- Absol/Kingdra with things that hit the bench - honestly, i'm sure you can tell from how i titled this deck, i havn't really even tested this, because the damage output is so low compared to anything that uses fire, electric, or fighting energy.

- Crobat - susceptible to switch, dies utterly to fighting tag sheningans, and terrible Magneboar matchup,but i suppose you COULD say it takes care of Donphan in a stylish purple way, and swoops on benched babies like yo momma on that burger.

- Illumise/volbeat donk - this deck is kinda cool, and can get some Great unexpected donks. Problem is, if it DOESN'T get the donk, you may as well scoop cause it's alllll downhill from there. Lookin at a reshiram as their opener is just disheartening, and a bit too common for this deck to get much serious play outside of

a local league or the practice game tab. Oh well, you can keep your little bumble bee infatuation between you, me, and the entire pokemon community. It's okay, we won't tell.

Feel free to share your thoughts, or any decks i have missed :)

Stay Sanguine!

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17 June 2011 - 10:23 PM



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  • Nintendan
What!? This thread needs WAY more views and posts! I was about to make a thread about this and noticed this one. Anyway...

I like the rogue ones listed at the bottom. I got beaten by Voltbeat/Illumise once and it wasn't even a donk/early win! Sniping for 30 and doing up to 120 damage just for 1 energy is pretty good here considering how people don't have a big collection yet. I couldn't keep up with the damage!

One deck I plan to build (currently building IRL too) is Serperior/Reuniclus. When set it, it's really nasty and quite literally almost impossible to beat. It has multiple counters that are easily dragged out of the deck by heavy Supporter lines and especially Grass' best friend, Sunflora.

Reshiram? Metapod.

PlusPower? Vileplume.

Grass has the most support (type-wise) and is one of the funnest types to work with because of it's variety where as with other types you are limited to a strategy.

The aim of Serperior/Reuniclus (or as I have called my deck, Derperior) is to sponge every hit you take. BY using the Ability (and Theme Deck) Serperior with Reuniclus you heal ridiculous amounts of damage in 1 turn. When Serperior takes a hit, spread the damage out among your Pokémon. Then, your Serperior's ability will heal up to 60 of that damage (presumin you have a full bench). It can heal more than that with the Theme Deck Serperior. Normally, you'd want a field of:

Active Serperior (Theme Deck)

Bench Serperior (Ability), Reuniclus, Sunflora (these are often left around mid-late game, Vileplume, Metapod.

Serperior (TD)'s Leaf Storm heals 20 from each Grass Pokémon you have in play. SImply spread damage out. Put 30 on each grass type and 10 on Reuniclus. Leaf Storm heals 20 from all Grass (everyone at 10) and then Serperior's Ability (benched) heals everything off. That's a total of 160 by the end of your turn. That's not even considering that the Ability will heal at the end of your opponent's turn, so it's about 170.

This deck however, has MANY weaknesses. Many popular decks are able to one shot it or just mess up the strategy.

ReshiBoar one shots Serperior and it can take a while to set up a Metapod. If your Caterpie or Metapod are prized, that's game.

Magneboar just laughs at your attempt to live and will LZ 3 Energy to KO you.

Zekrom easily outspeeds this deck as this deck is extremely slow despite it's Sunflora support. Zekrom will Bolt Strike it's way through the deck. You needs a god start to get going in this matchup.

BlastGatr will snipe your Reuniclus for a 1 hit KO. From there, you aren't going to do well. You can't keep up with the damage/prize trade.

DonChamp can easily takes hits from Serperior and will buy itself time to damage it's bench with EQ and Chambuster for 130+ damage. The sweep coninues from there.

TL;DR Focuses on tanking. Has a lot of support in the form of grass types. Very fun deck but easily beaten by popular meta decks.

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20 June 2011 - 07:41 AM



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  • SanguineYeti
Haha.. thanks man. Yeah, I've noticed that the forums here aren't really about playing that much; they're more about the beta itself.

I've played a couple of those damage-sponge-tank decks, and OH MAN, when they get up and running, if you can't hit for weakness, it's SOOOO frustrating! haha.. Steelix just totally walls ANYTHING not fire (..or magnezone/RDL) with serperior/reuniclus.

Despite the weaknesses, it's really awsome to feel absolutely unstoppable, even IF you can only do it like.. 1/3 games against meta decks.

Sunflora is a GREAT card for grass, as well as vileplume. They just have great synergy, *********** is basically like a grass luxury ball. Now if there was a great big 130 hp grass basic with outrage and an attack that did 120.. we'd REALLY be cookin.. x/

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06 April 2018 - 05:27 PM



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  • Princess_Aurora

I just discovered how fun it was to dig around old stuff in the forums. It's like exploring a cave with prehistorical writings in it!


I hope that "necro-posting" isn't forbidden?

Friendship is magic!

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06 April 2018 - 11:23 PM



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  • SuperStone

I just discovered how fun it was to dig around old stuff in the forums. It's like exploring a cave with prehistorical writings in it!

I hope that "necro-posting" isn't forbidden?

Sorry... It ******

The truth waits for no one.  That which you refuse to see, TPCi, slips past you.  The chat function was never your problem, yet through your blindness, you have made it one.

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11 April 2018 - 11:51 PM



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  • gunmetal

don't forget about a fun rogue legacy deck that i came up with !


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12 April 2018 - 12:23 AM



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  • Princess_Aurora

don't forget about a fun rogue legacy deck that i came up with !

I’ll go take a look, thanks for the suggestion! BTW, we ran into each other in Versus yesterday, your Darkrai deck is pretty strong!

Friendship is magic!

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