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#438614 Dev Update: 5 Card to 10 Card Shop Booster Change & more about v 2.34

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 22 January 2016 - 11:48 PM

Hello Trainers!


We are rapidly approaching the launch of the next Pokémon TCG expansion: XY-BREAKpoint and the release of our next game client, version 2.34 all coming on Wednesday, February 3rd.  The development team is very busy testing this new version and working to have it ready for you. 


I want to preview some other changes that will be coming in version 2.34:


Shop Booster Packs changing from 5 card to 10 card


When version 2.34 goes live, all booster packs obtained through gameplay, including booster packs obtained from Daily Challenges and from the daily login reward, will be changed to 10 card packs.  Also, 10 card booster packs will become available in the shop for 200 Trainer tokens.  5 card booster packs will no longer be available in the Shop.


First Time Code Redemption Bonus: 2 Extra Booster Packs!


After version 2.34 goes live, any player who redeems a Code Card from a physical Pokémon TCG product will receive an extra bonus of two additional booster packs for their first redemption! 


iOS: Scan Code Cards with your Camera


Version 2.34 will allow iPad players to use their camera to scan Code Cards in for redemption.  Stop typing and start snapping photos!


Tool-Icons With Art




The wrench icon for attached tools will be replaced in version 2.34 with a thumbnail view of the art from that tool.  In this photo, the Gyarados-EX has an attached float stone.


Chat Improvements

The systems that drive our chat interface have been refactored to improve client performance and resolve a number of bugs in version 2.34.


Trade Tags


In version 2.34, trade tags will revert back to staying on until you remove them, rather than auto-removing after you receive one or more of that card. 


Join us for launch on Feb. 3rd and receive a booster!


Besides the above, we have a number of other refinements and bug fixes coming in version 2.34.  We will have full patch notes available on February 3rd when 2.34 goes live. 


You’ll also want to be sure to log in and check it out on the 3rd, as we will grant any account logging in for 24 hours after the new version is live a free 10 card XY-BREAKpoint booster pack!


We’ll see you online!

#388775 Dev Update: XY - Ancient Origins, Deck List Sharing and Client 2.30

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 24 July 2015 - 01:05 AM

Hello Trainers,
I want to give you another update about our ongoing development efforts for the TCG Online.
XY - Ancient Origins Expansion:
As you may already be aware, the XY - Ancient Origins TCG expansion will go live on August 12th.  Click the following link to learn more about this expansion on Pokemon.com
New Client Version 2.30
On August 12th, we will also release a new TCGO client, version 2.30.  Besides support for XY - Ancient Origins, this new version will also include a number of refinements and bug fixes.  Chief among the changes is the new Deck List sharing feature.
Deck List Sharing
When version 2.30 goes live, you will be able to easily share your decklists with your friends.  Here is how it works.
Deck List Sharing is a new feature added to the Deck Manager
1 Deck manager_sm.jpg
When you view a deck, you will be able to choose to Export that deck.
2 export deck.png
When you export it, a list of the contents of what is in that deck will be copied to your computers' clipboard or copy buffer.
3 deck exported_sm.jpg
In my example, I then opened up a text editor and hit Paste.  The text list of my deck is then pasted in.  In this case, it is the Blaziken-EX deck from the Summer Hoenn Tin.
4 deck in notepad_sm.jpg
Now, say I want to make some changes.  I can easily do those changes in the text editor and then import that list back into the game.  In this case, I reduced the number of Blaziken-EX to 1 and increased the number of Pyroar to 3 (just for fun).
Then I highlight the text of the deck list in the text editor and copy it.  This puts the deck list back into the clipboard or copy buffer.
Back in the game, I go to the Deck Manager, choose to create a New Deck and then to Import.
5 import_sm.jpg
The Import process pulls in the contents of what is in the clipboard or copy buffer to make a new deck.  Here we can see that I don't have all 3 Pyroar, as it shows the 3rd as greyd out.
6 imported with 3 Pyroar_sm.jpg
There are a whole host of possible uses of this new Deck List Sharing feature.  We are very excited for the possibilities! 
For example, you could import the list of a friend's deck, flag the cards you don't have (that will be displayed as greyd out) as wanted for trade.  You can then go about trading for the cards you are missing to make your friend's deck.
I look forward to reading your thoughts about this new feature.  Please join us on the Feedback Forum!

#448309 Celebrate Pokémon Day this Saturday!

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 23 February 2016 - 11:39 PM



On February 27, 1996, the first Pokémon video games launched in Japan, kicking off a global Pokémon phenomenon that continues to this day. Exactly 20 years later, Pokémon Day will celebrate the historic milestone with events across the globe!
In celebration of Pokémon Day, players who log in to the Pokémon TCG Online on Saturday, February 27th will receive 1 Pokémon TCG: Generations booster pack and commemorative Charizard sleeves for their online collection!

20th_booster_en_1_sm.png  Pokemon Day Charizard sleeve_sm.jpg

Log in on Saturday, Feb. 27th to celebrate Pokémon Day

Check out Pokemon20.com for information on other exciting activities taking place on Pokémon Day!

#359452 Development Update: Tournaments, Shop and Next Game Update

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 13 March 2015 - 09:13 PM

Hello Trainers!

I want to talk with you today about some of the things we are working on for the Pokémon TCG Online, including:

  • On-Demand Tournament Rotation
  • Shop Rotation
  • Next Major Game Update
  • Continued Bug Stomping Efforts

On-Demand Tournament Rotation

As we announced at the end of February, we have a rotation of on-demand Tournaments running now in the Pokémon TCG Online. We are continuing to refine the rotation of different Tournament formats. Starting today, Friday, March 13th, we are enacting the following rotation.

There is a path to obtain tradeable Booster Pack rewards, with an entry requirement of either 3 or 5 Tournament Tickets.

Week 1: Theme Deck (3 Ticket entry) + Unlimited format on the weekend (5 Ticket entry)
Week 2: Standard format (3 Ticket entry) + Theme Deck on the weekend (5 Ticket entry)
Week 3: Expanded format (3 Ticket entry)+ Standard format on the weekend (5 Ticket entry)
Week 4: Unlimited (3 Ticket entry) + Expanded format on the weekend (5 Ticket entry)

There is a path to obtain Tournament Tickets rewards, with an entry requirement of 49 Trainer Tokens.

Week 1: Standard format + Unlimited format on the weekend
Week 2: Expanded format + Theme Deck on the weekend
Week 3: Unlimited format + Standard format on the weekend
Week 4: Theme Deck + Expanded format on the weekend

Over the course of any given week, 3 of the 4 different formats are available. 2 different Tournaments on weekdays and 4 different Tournaments on weekends.

Here is a calendar view of the rotation:

Tournament rotation calendar.jpg

Our aim is to keep Tournament queue times short, so that you can get in and play without much waiting, and to give each deck format a turn in the spotlight.

We will continue to monitor participation with the eye to make necessary revisions going forward. We also encourage you to post your thoughts and comments to our Feedback Forum.

Shop Rotation

As you may have noticed, we have started to regularly change up what is available in the Shop. We plan to continue to regularly rotate feature items on a weekly basis. Currently, we have a Theme Deck, Card and Booster Pack bundle from the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion available.

Items that come and go from the Shop are not exclusive, in that they may return again in the future. For example, if you are interested in the current HeartGold & SoulSilver bundle, I would advise that you get it while you can. Yes, it may return in the future, but it may not.

Edit: On March 18th we updated the shop to remove the HeartGold & SoulSilver bundle and added an XY-Primal Clash 3 booster bundle.  This XY-Primal Clash bundle will expire on March 25th.  


As we continue to build out our plans, we will post them here to the forums so you can better plan what is coming to the Shop!


Next Major Game Update

The Development Team is hard at work on our next major game update that is currently scheduled for late March. This next version is still in development, so it is possible that timing may change. We will keep you up to date as we get closer. Later this week we will reveal additional details of this update, including the main new feature.

Continued Bug Stomping Efforts

The team is also working to address emergent issues with the game, such as an issue that can result in a player not properly loading card images.

On the issue of red cards or otherwise card images not loading. In the above mentioned next Major Game Update, set for late March, there will be a number of enhancements designed to help with this issue. First, there will be an option to direct the game to download all card information, rather than stream it in. Secondly, card information without the image will have text information about the card displayed, allowing you to know what the card is and keep playing, even without the full card image. Lastly, there are a number of other optimizations to the card streaming system going in to increase the robustness of this system.

Text on Cards, before image loading, coming in next version:
Loading Image Comparison.png

In addition, there are a number of individual card bugs that will be corrected in the upcoming Major Game Update. We can’t wait to get this new version complete and into your hands!

We really appreciate those who post their feedback to our Forums, reporting bugs and quality of life issues. We are committed to addressing these issues while continuing to develop and implement new and exciting features.

After reading this announcement, I welcome you to post your thoughts to our Feedback Forum (you need to be logged in to view or post to the Feedback Forum).

Respectfully yours,

Alex “Samhayne” Leary

#494502 Pokémon TCG Format Rotation for 2017

Posted by Mod_Snow on 28 July 2016 - 10:07 PM


Find out which cards will be permitted in the Standard format in the 2017 Pokémon TCG tournament season.

In the interest of maintaining a healthy tournament environment, Pokémon Organized Play begins each new tournament season by removing older expansions from Standard format competition. Each annual rotation challenges existing players to create new strategies while enabling new players to get involved in Play! Pokémon events with minimal investment.

The 2017 Play! Pokémon season starts on July 11, 2016, so players can start working toward an invitation to the 2017 Pokémon World Championships. However, the format rotation will not occur until September 1, 2016. Importantly, this means that the 2016 Pokémon World Championships will use the 2016 format and rules as currently listed, rather than the new Standard format for 2017. Be sure to check out our first analysis for what this means for current competitive play.

For the list of eligible expansions for the Standard and Expanded formats, check out http://www.pokemon.c...ation-for-2017/


Prepare for the 2017 Standard Format Rotation!

Every year, the Pokémon TCG rotation phases some older expansions out of the Standard format. Some decks fade away, some have to adapt, and some become even stronger. For the 2017 Play! Pokémon season, we say goodbye to XY—Kalos Starter Set through XY—Phantom Forces, meaning that XY—Primal Clash and beyond will be Standard legal. Let's take a look at some changes to expect as the new tournament season gets under way.


Guess what that means? No more Night March decks! Even Trevenant shut down decks will be rotated out. Maybe we'll see some interesting deck varieties pop up!



I'm particularly looking forward to strategies using the new Captivating Poké Puff!


Expanded Format
Unlike the Standard format, the 2017 Expanded format will remain unchanged. With each passing year, these two formats will look more and more different, creating two distinct, exciting environments for the Pokémon TCG. The Expanded format will be monitored aggressively, and any cards that are deemed unhealthy for that environment may be removed.

As more Pokémon TCG expansions are released, we'll keep track of which new strategies emerge and which old ones are able to adapt here at Pokemon.com/Strategy. The upcoming season's Standard format is sure to look quite different from the previous one. Exciting times are ahead, Trainers! Good luck coming up with your next deck!
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#437433 Dev Update: New Holo Treasure Chest in next Versus Ladder

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 16 January 2016 - 05:16 PM

holo and uncommon_sm.jpg




Hello Trainers,
The Versus Ladder rewards are rotating this coming Friday, Jan. 22.  Included in the new Versus Ladder will be a new item: the Holo Treasure Chest.  The Holo Treasure Chest is similar to the current Uncommon Chests, in that when opened, the Holo Treasure Chest will give you an amount of Trainer Tokens and a Pokémon Card.
The big difference is in the rarity of the card obtained.  The Uncommon Chest contains an Uncommon up to possibly a Rare or EX card.  The Holo Treasure Chest, as it's name implies, will have the card it includes be at minimum a Rare Holo and even possibly an EX, Rare Ultra or Secret Rare!


Look for the new Versus Reward Ladder to start on Friday, January 22nd!

#384996 Dev Update: New Tutorial and XY Basic Yellow Deck in Version 2.29

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 09 July 2015 - 03:37 AM

Hello Trainers,
Following the recent update about the timing of our next client version 2.29, I have had a number of questions asking about the coming new XY Basic Yellow deck.  So today I want to give you more information about the revised Tutorial, where you will obtain access to this new basic deck once version 2.29 goes live later this month.
Anyone can play the new Tutorial in version 2.29
When version 2.29 goes live later this month, anyone will be able to play through the updated Tutorial and obtain the rewards found there, including the new XY Basic Yellow deck.  New accounts will, of course, start right into this Tutorial.
In version 2.29, to access the Tutorial, you simply go to the Play button on the new home page and choose Tutorial from the drop down.
landing page_sm.jpg
Once you are in the Tutorial you will have 7 different opponents to face as you progress through the Tutorial, denoted by the progress ladder at the bottom of the interface.  You start off facing Zach.
Tutorial 1_sm.jpg
Each opponent will have a one time reward.  Once you win a game against them, you will receive that stage's reward and move on to the next trainer.
Tutorial 2_sm.jpg
Tutorial 3_sm.jpg


Tutorial 4_sm.jpg
As you progress through the Tutorial you will move to play with the new Yellow deck.  By the time you complete the Tutorial you will have unlocked the XY Basic Yellow deck and have obtained 250 Trainer tokens and an XY - Roaring Skies booster pack!


You will be able to come back and replay the Tutorial at anytime.  However, the rewards from the Tutorial will only be able to be obtained one time.
I know many of you are keen to know the exact contents of the cards contained in the XY Basic Yellow deck, but I don't want to spoil it and rob you of the fun of discovery!  For that information, you will have to wait until client version 2.29 is live and play for yourself to find out!
New Daily Challenge Icons
One other refinement that is going into coming client version 2.29 is the addition of icons to Daily Challenge tiles to denote what game mode you can complete that Daily Challenge in.  Below is an example:
new daily challenge icons_sm2.png
This challenge to knock out 5 opposing Pokémon with your Grass Pokémon can be completed in the Trainer Challenge (denoted by the star), Versus (denoted by the lightning bolt) or Tournaments (denoted by the trophy).
The use of these icons also frees up the room at the top of the Daily Challenge tile to give challenges names.  This one is called "Splinter."  We wanted to add in names to make them more easy to refer to.  Also, naming challenges will be important as we continue to refine challenges in the future.
That's all I have for you today.  If all goes well with our continued testing and final work on client version 2.29 I should have an update on timing next week.
As always, thank you for playing the Pokémon TCG Online and being part of our community!




To post your feedback about this announcement, please visit the Feedback Forum.

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#378823 Dev Update: Versus Rewards, New Layout & Stomped Bugs

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 13 June 2015 - 12:28 AM

Hello Trainers!

I want to follow up on last week's Dev Update with more details about the many great things that are coming together for our next game update, version 2.29, coming in July.
Bugs Stomped

Before I get to far into new features, I want to talk about bugs.  A few particular bugs have been very hard for us to track down because they were intermittent and not reproduce-able.  That is to say, when you play X card, bug Y would happen, but when we played X card in testing, bug Y would not happen.  It was like having a skin rash, but when you went to see the doctor, the rash was all gone! 
Well, I have great news.  With version 2.29 the below two bugs should be corrected:

  • The "Inactive Player" pop up sometimes appears when both players are active and forces the match to end.
  • Client can soft lock after the player makes a custom choice selection. 

The team has had a strong focus on bug fixing and I expect the 2.29 client update to be robust in that regard.
Ok, now on to the new stuff!
New Layout and Home Screen
As I mentioned last week, coming client version 2.29 will benefit from several changes intended to streamline how you get around in the game.  
One such change is the addition of a new home screen that you will always come back to.  Below is a screenshot of this new home (please note this is work in progress from our current development build).
The big red image in the lower left is an example of a notification.  You would only see this if say, Tournaments were currently disabled, or something like that.  
On the right is the flyout menu for chat and your friends list.  
The top nav has drop down menus to take you to the different areas of the game.  Here is another shot with the play menu down.
landing with menu.jpg
This main home screen will have rotating images that can have custom blocks of text and an action button on them.  This will allow us to make all the latest news available to you!
Versus Rewards Ladder
As was mentioned last week, when you play Versus games and win, you will accumulate Versus points. As your Versus points accumulate there will be rewards when you reach certain point totals. Here is a screenshot of the new Versus page:
The team is still iterating on the details of progression and rewards, so this progression isn't fully final.  
The bottom half of this screenshot shows the rewards available in this current ladder.  Versus Rewards will rotate out periodically.  In this test version you can see that the countdown timer shows the rewards will rotate in 18 days, 3 hours and 40 minutes.  When the rewards rotate, an all new lineup of rewards will become available and your Versus points will reset.  In this screenshot, I have 0 Versus Points (I need to play some games!).
There are specific cards, Trainer Tokens, Tournament Reward Chests and Tournament Tickets in the ladder of rewards.  This first ladder will feature grass type cards, included 2 opportunities to obtain a Venusaur EX card!  At the very top of this first ladder will be a full art Pokémon Fan Club card.
Versus Deck Selection
When you go to play Versus games in client 2.29 you will have more tools to quickly filter to which deck you want to play.  As you see in the top half of this screenshot, there is a drop down to choose which format deck you are looking for.  On the right hand side, there is another drop down to choose what energy type to filter your decks by.
As a reminder, in version 2.29 you will find Friend Battle functionality in the friends list and Playtesting will be initiated from the Deck Manager.


We are really looking forward to getting client version 2.29 into your hands.  It has a lot of great stuff in it!  Look for more details about the specific launch timing as we get closer to July.



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#364387 Daily Challenge Details - Clocks, Levels and More

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 03 April 2015 - 07:10 PM

Hello Trainers!
I am writing today to give you additional details about the Daily Challenge feature that was released in the 2.27 client.  
Log in daily for fun challenges with rewards:
Each day when you log in to the game, you’ll be presented with a new challenge for you to attempt. Once you accept a Daily Challenge, you’ll have plenty of time to complete it—you don’t have to finish by the end of the day. Either way, once completed or abandoned, you’ll be able to begin a new Daily Challenge every 24 hours.
Timing Details:
The day period for Daily challenges rolls over at 3 AM UTC. 
To help you understand when this is for your part of the world, here is a breakout of cities:
Roll-Over Time:
8 PM Los Angeles / 11 PM New York / 4 AM London / 5 AM Paris / 11 AM Singapore
In the future we are looking at ways to present an appropriate countdown timer, so you will know when you can receive your next Daily Challenge by looking in game.
Level Up and Play Your Way:
As you complete Daily Challenges, you will gain experience that will go toward your player level.  As you level up you will increase your ability to have more Daily Challenges in your “queue.”  
Level Up Details:
As your total level advances, you will have more Daily Challenges made available to you to pick from.  Also, as you progress and you can have more Daily Challenges active at any one time.  
Total LevelAvailable ChallengesActive Challenges
When you make level 3, you will be offered 2 different Daily Challenges, but can only have 1 active at any time.  This allows you the opportunity to choose which energy type or challenge you want to take on.  
When your total level reaches 10, you will be able to have 3 different Daily Challenges active.
For the future, we are looking at having this additional detail included in the game UI.
Abandon What You Don't Like:
If you have an active Daily Challenge that you are just not making progress on, don't worry!  You can abandon any active Daily Challenge by clicking on it and then clicking on the Trash Can icon that appears over that challenge.  You will always have more challenges available the next day!
Energy Specific Rewards:
For each energy type there is a coin, sleeve and deck box reward that you can earn as you level up that specific energy.  
More rewards to earn:
If you play regularly, you stand the chance to earn more rewards than were possible with the previous daily login bonus.  Earn more booster packs faster and grow your collection!
After reading this announcement, please join us in the Feedback Forum to post your thoughts.  You need to be logged in to view or post to the Feedback Forum.

#436527 Train On! Join the Pokémon 20th Celebration!

Posted by Mod_Snow on 12 January 2016 - 10:58 PM



Get ready for an amazing year-long celebration of Pokémon's 20th anniversary! Trainers from around the world are sharing their best Pokémon moments and collectibles. Use #Pokemon20 to share your favorite Pokémon moments on social media!

Our favorite #Pokemon20 submissions may get something special, so keep an eye out!
Along with special Pokémon products to commemorate the 20th anniversary, there is much more going on to celebrate this memorable year:
Each month a new Mythical Pokémon will be distributed. This is your chance to grab some of the rarest Pokémon of all time!
A new Pokémon TCG expansion celebrates this event along with special Mythical Pokémon Collections, as well as Red & Blue Collections!
For even more information, check out the Official Pokémon 20th Celebration website!

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#407664 In Development: XY Basic Decks, XY - BREAKthrough & More!

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 28 September 2015 - 11:09 PM

Hello Trainers,
I want to update you with a behind the scenes look at what the Pokémon TCG Online team is working on.
Next Client Version 2.32
The next major game update, version 2.32, will come out on November 4th.  This version will include support for the exciting new expansion XY - BREAKthrough.  Click here to read more about XY - BREAKthrough.


XY Basic Theme Deck Balance

In version 2.32 we also plan to make some balance changes to the XY Basic Blue, XY Basic Red and XY Basic Green theme decks that were introduced in version 2.31. Currently, these decks are a little too good, when compared with other available theme decks. The planned changes will pull their relative power back some. Look for details in the 2.32 patch notes when that version goes live.
Unlimited Tournaments Suspended
With the Shiftry turn 1 win currently an issue with Unlimited game play, we have suspended Tournaments in that format until a deeper resolution to that issue can be put in place.  Simply banning the card from Unlimited is not planned, since the card is still available from boosters and there needs to be somewhere that the card is valid.  Thanks in advance for your patience while a comprehensive solution is implemented.
More Version 2.32 Details in October

The Pokémon TCG Online team is hard at work on additional improvements that are currently planned to be included in version 2.32. I am very excited for what is being worked on, however we are not quite ready to reveal the details yet. So, please stay tuned for a big announcement in mid October.


To post your comments, please join us on the Feedback Forum.
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#399516 Shiftry Banned from Expanded Format Effective September 1st

Posted by Mod_Snow on 01 September 2015 - 03:31 PM





As of September 1, 2015, Shiftry will be banned from all sanctioned Play! Pokémon tournaments that use the Expanded format. This card has created an undesirable play environment because it:

  • Creates a strategy that frequently wins on the first turn of the game

  • Creates a non-interactive play environment where the opponent has little impact on the outcome of the match

Shiftry's previous Evolutions, Seedot (XY—Flashfire, 5/106) and Nuzleaf (XY—Flashfire, 6/106), are Grass-type Pokémon, so it's possible to evolve to Shiftry in one turn using the Forest of Giant Plants (XY—Ancient Origins, 74/98) Stadium card. With the help of Devolution Spray (Black & White—Dragons Exalted,113/124), Super Scoop Up (XY—Furious Fists, 100/111), and Recycle (Black & White—Emerging Powers, 96/98), players can use the Giant Fan Ability repeatedly to get rid of all of the opponent's Pokémon—and win the game in one turn.

The Giant Fan strategy works consistently enough to cause concern. Frequent first-turn wins are a sign of an unhealthy play environment, and the Shiftry deck is capable of doing that a high percentage of the time. Since Shiftry has a clearly negative effect on the Expanded format, we feel that the best option is to ban it from that environment.


This card has been effectively banned from the Expanded format within the Pokémon TCG Online as well. It will be valid in the Unlimited format, however with the following display issue:



Black & White—Next Destinies

Shiftry (#72): The banned circle with an x symbol displays on the card in the Unlimited format. The card is valid in Unlimited, but banned from the Expanded format.


Shiftry will still be in collations; that is to say, if you are opening Black & White—Next Destinies booster packs you may still obtain the card from them.  
Shiftry will continue to be tradeable, for those with tradeable versions of the card.

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#345781 Timer for Game Loss Bonus Wheel Eligibility

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 08 January 2015 - 01:32 AM

Hello Trainers!
We appreciate the community feedback recently received about changes made to the Bonus Wheel eligibility criteria for Ranked matches. This feedback helped us identify an unanticipated method of play not in the Spirit of the Game.
To encourage fair play and improve the gameplay experience overall, a timer gating access to the Bonus Wheel has been applied for losses incurred by knockout or retraction of a player's last Pokémon.  We acknowledge that this is not the perfect solution, but believe it to be a step in the right direction.
We are committed to providing the best possible gameplay experience for the entire community.  The Development team is working on longer term improvements for how rewards are granted.  Keep an eye on the forums and the patch notes for more information as it becomes available.
Thanks for all of your feedback and patience during the exciting development of the Pokémon TCG Online!
Please click here to post your feedback to this announcement. You will need to be logged into the forums to post - register here!

#440909 [FINISHED] Game Maintenance | Feb 3. Starting at 9 AM Pacific

Posted by TPCi_Samhayne on 03 February 2016 - 11:18 PM

Hi everyone,

As you may be aware, we ran into some issues with today's update to XY-BREAKpoint and version 2.34 that led to extending the time that the game is down.

Our sincere apologies for the delays today.

For those that are interested, the issues leading to the delay involve work to help bulletproof our Trainer Club accounts and login systems (that the PTCGO uses for you to sign in) in anticipation of a large influx of players this weekend surrounding marketing activity (Super Bowl ad, etc.) with the Pokemon 20th Anniversary. It's pretty cool to have that sort of attention on the brand, but it is not cool to have unforeseen issues keep the game unavailable for an extended duration.

We are narrowing in on a verified and tested solution to get the game live. Thanks again for your patience.

#449117 Introducing Our New Community Guy!

Posted by TPCi_MT_Mike on 26 February 2016 - 08:06 PM

Hi all!  I'm excited to be here working on Pokémon and more importantly working with all of you.


I'd love your help getting up to speed on all of the things you find important.  Watch for an ask Mike thread to appear shortly so you can ask questions and share your thoughts with me.



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